2021 Tommy Moore (Bull City PG CLT): Moore was strong in the second half, getting after it on defense and aggressively attacking offensively.  He played with a lot of great energy on the court, was able to knock down shots, and stay aggressive.

2021 Scott Deffinbaugh (Moravian Prep Black PG): Deffinbaugh is a high IQ type guard, that plays with a tremendous feel in the open court. He plays smart, unselfish basketball but also can play off the ball and knock down shots.

2021 6'7 Jeff Daniels (Bull City Prep Durham PG): Daniels did a tremendous job, as the 6'7 prospect was all over the place, scoring the ball, getting to the line and using his size to his advantage.  He led the way with 25 points, producing and consistently getting it done.

2023 Jayden Maddox (Team Together 11th): Maddox played well to end the day in Session 2.  Was active on both ends, ran the floor well, and competed.  He made plays on both ends (those extra effort plays) and scored the ball on multiple areas.

2023 6'0 Russell Hawkins (Charlotte Supreme Thad): Hawkins was really active, showing that he can create and pick his spots to attack the paint as a guard and get to the line or finish.  He also rebounded well for his size, being productive on both ends.