2024 Joshua Clark (Mavs Elite): Clark was extremely active on the court, as the guard was constantly moving around the court, finding those openings to help him score easy baskets, and working hard on both ends.

2023 6'7 Nate Self (Team HUSL 2023): Self is a young big that has some early intangibles that you may like.  He not only showed that he can get on the glass, but he is a big that moves well and shows touch around the rim (along with solid footwork).

2023 5'11 Quentin Houston (Team HUSL 2023): Houston was extremely active and the way he attacked defenders caught our eye.  He plays well initiating the offense or playing off the ball, as he was incredibly shifty and creative in with his dribble.  He also showed how he could knock down shots from the perimeter.

2024 5'11 Cinjun Bridges (Team Mavs): This is a young guard that plays with a great feel early on.  He has a natural feel of how to initiate the offense, as well as find his teammates in open spots.  When called upon to score, Bridges showed a smooth outside shooting stroke.

Scott Deffinbaugh (Moravian Prep PG): Young man is a shifty, quick guard on the court.  Really like how he reacts on the court, creating steals and pushing in transition while also creating off the dribble. Also giving us a glimpse of his range.

Seydina Dieng (WS Christian Lindell): You have to appreciate a player that brings a motor to the floor.  That is what Dieng does consistently.  Though he is still raw in areas, he is a 6'4 guard that has a 6'10 wingspan and always seems to be around the ball.  Active around the rim and on the boards.