2021 6’6 Kenny Hodges (WS Christian): Hodges is one that just captures the eye with his physical stature, his athleticism, and ability to defend and play multiple positions on the court.  He works well around the rim but is also someone that coaches could really mold at the next level.

Donivan Peoples (Moravian Prep PG): Peoples grabbed the attention immediately with his 6’5 frame, leading the offense and knocking down shots.  Peoples showed his range on multiple occasions, knocking down shots from behind the arc.  He showed that he can play the point but could also be a wing with his outside shot-making.

2023 6’0 Malik McCullough (Team HUSL): McCullough is a workhorse on the court.  In each game, he was extremely productive, always moving and looking to create, made some terrific passes to find his teammates, and seemingly was always around the ball scoring around the rim.  Also liked his production on the glass as well.

2021 Dondre Watson (Bull City Prep): Watson certainly screams athleticism on the court and he showed it time and time again on Friday.  He was looking to bring the rim down a few times, finishing strong and through contact, and running the court on both ends very well. 

2021 LJ Thomas (Bull City Prep): Thomas brings a nice blend of physical stature but also plays at a great pace on the court.  He always plays with his head up, seeing the floor and his teammates, but also showing a good blend of ability create and score for himself. Really big fan of his game.

2021 6’8 Saiquone Harris (Juice All-Stars): Harris just continues to grab the attention of scouts and with his versatility, he really can become a mismatch on the court.  But a big on him, he takes them off the dribble or knocks down from three. Put someone smaller on him, he uses his size to his advantage.  Is simply produces on the offensive end.