Jehqwauyn Hilton

2023 6'5 Jehqwauyn Hilton (Manning): Start keeping an eye on Hilton, as the young man has tremendous size early on and was really active on the boards.  Still developing his overall offensive skill set and scoring ability, you can see the traits that you like early with a freshman with his size and mobility.

2023 6'0 Justin Daniels (Manning): Another young guard for Manning, he already holds a solid frame with long arms.  He had flashes in which he was able to find his teammates as well as finish at the rim.  Still growing and developing his overall game and feel, Daniels has qualities early on that you have to like.

2022 6'3 Sam Cogan (Lincoln Charter): In and out, Cogan was cooking at the event. The sophomore guard attacked constantly, getting to the rim with a smooth lay in as well as finishing through contact, getting to the line on multiple occasions.  He was scoring at will, scoring 29 points in the win.

2020 6'3 Jordan Jones (Trinity-Byrnes): Jones is a downhill, aggressive guard that plays with solid footwork, strong, and with a tremendous motor.  He worked well when the ball was in his hands, looking to create for himself.  Whether it was initiating the offense or playing off the ball, he was at his best when he was aggressive with his ball-handling and ability to play through contact.

2021 6'1 Troy Fulton (Lincoln Charter): Fulton was the definition of a shooter, showing his range over and over.  Fulton was able to get to his spots on the floor, usually behind the arc and displayed great touch and rhythm on his shot, hitting six 3-pointers in the win.

2020 6'4 Kalib Mathews (Henderson Collegiate): Just call Kalib the smooth operator on the floor. He continues to impress with his overall development in his offensive game and IQ on the floor.  Mathews ability to obviously be a threat outside but now use his length and aggressively attack the rim is making him the whole package on the court.

2020 6'5 Kamryn Edwards (Liberty Heights): It still amazes us how Edwards' recruitment hasn't picked up. He continued to show his smooth and confident release from deep but also with his physical nature, he can get it done on both ends of the floor.  You can see he continues to work on his game and it is paying off.

2020 6'9 Jemal Davis (Liberty Heights): Davis held an obvious height advantage and used it in the game.' Davis showed a fantastic motor and truly worked hard in the interior on the boards, getting a few second-chance points.' But it is incredibly hard for opponents to keep his length off the glass, as well as his versatility on the floor.