2021 6'6 Jaylin Galloway (TSF): Galloway was super productive on the floor, showing a smooth feel and IQ on the floor to find his shot. He knocked down multiple shots from all over the floor with such a nice feel and range.  With his size and shooting ability, he is one to really start keeping an eye on.

2020 6'0 KD Johnson (Hargrave): It seems we always write about Johnson but it is hard not to with his production, energy, and skill set on the floor.' He simply is a playmaker on the court, whether it is attacking the rim with power, physicality, and speed, or knocking down from three.' This young man is going to be special at Georgia and bring an energy that every coach loves.

2020 5'11 Bryson Childress (Hargrave): A young man coming off the bench, he provided a terrific spark in the first half and played well throughout.' Playing with something to prove and with pep to his step, Childress knocked down multiple shots from the perimeter with a crisp form, as well as showing a great motor and energy on both ends with a high IQ.

2020 7'2 Kai Sotto (TSF): The big man has a ton of potential to his game.  You don't see too many 7'2 prospects with his type of footwork and touch on the floor, as well as his feel.  His soft hands around the rim to go along with his size and decision-making is impressive and will only get better the more he works and the stronger he gets.

2021 IJ Ezuma (Hargrave): Ezuma has good size and frame, ready to battle down low in the paint but he also moves incredibly well for his size.  With wide shoulders and strength, he displayed that he could be a scoring threat with his mobility and back to the basket.  He also is a very good rebounder at 6'7 as well.

2020 6'3 Matt Williams (Aspire PG): Williams is one to really keep an eye on and grabbed our attention with his motor, his work ethic and hustle on the floor to get to every ball, as well as his ability to attack the rim, finish over defenders, and play with a toughness to him.

2021 6'8 Markus Ilver (Massanutten): Ilver brings intrigue to the floor with his capability of being smooth, in rhythm shooter, that looks especially pretty coming off his hands.' NO matter where he is on the floor, if you leave him open, he can knock it down.

2020 6'9 Tyson Brown (Massanutten): The stretch forward played hard all night long.  Running the floor, having the ability to score with his back to the basket but also finish in transition.  With his 6'9 frame, he really made an impact in the game on both ends and is a very good rebounder as well.  Tough matchup for any opponent.