Clarence Rupert

2020 6’3 Curtis Houston (Beckley IJN): The senior guard plays with such a calm demeanor to his game.  Houston plays with a great pace, can play in the half-court set or push the tempo as the lead guard.  He also showed a nice blend of inside/out game, getting downhill and using his size as well as knock down the open jumper.

2023 6’4 Daniel Ntambwe (Beckley IJN): Even though he is young and still developing his offensive game, you can’t deny his ability to get on the glass along with his motor.  He always seemed to get his hands on the loose ball and attack the boards.

2021 6’7 Clarence Rupert (Miller School): With a blend of size and skill, he really can have an impact at multiple positions on the court.  He has no issue battling down low with the bigs and rebounding on both ends, as well as stepping out and putting it on the deck.  His versatility certainly should translate to the next level.

2021 6’0 Quadir Pettaway/ 2020 6’1 Amir Nesbitt: Putting these two together here because they simply helped takeover in the second half.  Their speed, change of direction, and IQ on the floor was excellent, and they certainly turned it up a notch on the defensive end.  They found their rhythm in the second half to help secure the win.

2021 6’3 Javonte Waverly (Henderson Collegiate): Waverly is simply a grinder on the court at the point guard position, something that will give you everything he has.  Whether he needs to score, dish out to his teammates, or simply do the dirty work… he does it. 

2020 6’4 Kalib Mathews (Henderson Collegiate): Mathews comes as a shooter and many may label as that but one can see that he has really worked on developing his overall game scoring-wise.  His shiftiness and ability to contort his body to finish around the rim was impressive.

2022 6’2 Josiah Davis (Teay’s Valley): Davis really found his game in the second half, using his strength and frame to get downhill and battle through contact.  Time and time again, he played with a great feel and pace, finishing strong all around the rim. 

2021 6’6 David Jones (Teay’s Valley): Jones was absolutely unstoppable on the floor.  With his 6’6 frame and strength, he can take advantage of any matchup in front of him.  Put a small guard on him, he bodies them and uses his strength.  Put someone bigger on him, he can stretch his game out the perimeter.  There wasn’t a player that could stop him, as he completely dominated.

2020 6’0 Andrew Shull (Chapmanville): Shull put in one of the performances of the day, as he was certainly feeling it.  One couldn’t get his pull-up jumper out of their mind, as he was able to create space and knock down shot after shot.  Shull plays with a fantastic IQ and a winner… he stepped up in big moments and the spotlight wasn’t too big for him at all. 

2021 6’6 Andy Barba (ISA Osborne): Barba’s blend of size and smooth, confident stroke was unbelievable.  You were at times more shocked that he missed than he made on Day 2.  Whether it was from spotting up from three or one-dribble pull-ups, his shot was falling all night long.