2022 Jajuan Nicholls (Sheed Wallace Select): There is a lot of length on this Wallace Select team but Nicholls is one that has continued to earn praise with what he provides on both ends. The 6'8 prospect showed flashes both on the defensive side of the ball, blocking shots, creating a wall on the court, and moving well against different opponents. He also has a nice feel and mobility offensively to be productive.

2022 Karon Boyd (Charlotte Hoyas): There is just something about Boyd's game that you have to love.' Whether it is placing him in nearly all five positions and being able to defend, or getting on the boards, or his offensive skill set to operate on so many levels and score the ball.' If you add on his energy and motor, there is so much to like about this young man's game, and just provides winning plays.

2022 Justin Taylor (Mint Hill Lakers): As one of the leaders on the court, Taylor does an excellent job in controlling the game, whether it is getting out and running or in the halfcourt.' He looks to be at his best though when he is aggressively getting downhill and attacking the defense, finishing multiple tough lay-ins, or getting to the line.'But also showed his confidence in his jumper.

2023 Wesley Tubbs (Team United): Tubbs has always been a favorite on the court but you can see that he is now understanding what it takes to be a leader and an even bigger physical force on the court.  He continues to make plays, create for himself, and use his exceptional length to his advantage.  Tubbs is at his best when he gets out and runs, finishing over and through defenders. 

2024 Isaiah Sutherland (CP3): The potential in this young man is big time.' It seems that he is realizing just what he is capable of doing in using his size and being a dominant force.' The talent is all there in the package and it seems that he is getting a better understanding of his game.' Overall though, Sutherland finished incredibly strong at the rim and is such an agile big on the floor.

2024 Bryson Cokley (CP3): Cokley's game continues to elevate on the floor. From where he was last summer to where he is today, it seems like night and day and it looks like it is just the start of his story.  But his assertive, downhill game gets the crowd rising, as he looks to throw it down on his opponents.  But he also has a smooth feel in scoring on the floor.  He doesn't settle for much on the court.

2024 Rakease Passmore (NLPB): It was a tough battle but Passmore played well for much of the game. Going up against some of the best in his class, he showed that he can compete with them especially with his athleticism and size.  He showed flashes of why he is one of the top players in his class in a tough battle.

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