2023 Gabriel Hernandez (Team Hardaway): The 5'10 guard really surprised and caught some eyes with his play on Day 1 of Session 2.  Some may not expect his game but this is a young man that comes and competes, has good quickness to get by defenders, scrappy on both sides of the ball, and really shows some surprising athleticism to his game that many wouldn't expect.  He should be one that college coaches will be looking at more.

2022 Po'Boigh King (Team EAT): Even though it may have not been his best performance we have seen, King still is one that made several tough shots and has a physical nature to his game.  He has the ability step out and knock down some extremely tough shots with a lot of confidence but also back down small defenders and battle inside.

2022 Rasheed Baldwin (Charlotte Hoyas): When you look at this team, there are several familiar names on the court that you see but one player that may not always get the attention but should be earning more is 6'5 Rasheed Baldwin.' Every time on the court, he shows his ability to rise up over defenders and knock down shots, really being a threat from the perimeter.' He did it again early on Day 1 of Session 2.

2022 Umar Lawson (Anthony Morrow): Watching Lawson in action multiple times, you know what you are going to get from this young man on the court.  Even when you know what he is going to do, it is tough to slow him down and keep him out of the paint.  Such an aggressive, downhill guard that does a very good job in creating for himself, Lawson continues to show his production level and it seems that there is a program out there that could use that.

2022 Evan Smith (ACE Elite): Smith was off the charts to help his team win.  Smith's feel for the game is impressive and he understands what is needed for his team to secure the victory.  To start his day though, he was assertive on offense, breaking down defenders, embracing physicality, and scoring when he wanted.  He plays with a great pace and IQ in how he wants to attack; it is easy to see why schools are coming his way with offers.

2024 Jaxon Prunty (Team United): Prunty has a chance to become a big target for many schools down the road, especially with how he continues to develop and the more he grows into his overall game and body.  But with his long frame, he has shown that he can rise over defenders and knock down shots but also get by defenders and create opportunities for himself. There is upside to his game and he gave glimpses of it today.

2024 Carson Daniel (CC Elite): Part of a special duo, Carson brings more of that point guard mentality to the court, getting his team into the offensive sets, seeing the floor well, and being the spoon that stirs the drink. But you also love his tenacity on defense and his ability to finish through contact and multiple tough lay-ins.