2024 Richard Goods (Carolina Clutch): Goods continues to be a flourishing big this summer and production is the name of the game. The 6’8 big man moves incredibly well on the floor, has terrific hands, and makes smart decisions on the floor, not forcing much but understanding when to score.  Terrific feel around the basket and still a developing young big, which is why schools are already coming his way.

2024 Moni Day (Charlotte Dragons): Day was a standout recently with Phenom Hoops and continued to play strong today. The young but strong guard did a little bit of everything, controlling the pace, picking his spots, creating for himself off the dribble, and knocking down shots.  Plays with a swagger to his game and you can see the confidence in this young man.  Loved how he was able to control the game with the ball in his hands all game long.

2022 Naqaua Kershaw (SC Stingers): Kershaw is one to continue to watch, as the long forward continues to show his progression in his game.  Watching him early on, you can see that he has worked hard in getting strong with the ball and being a better offensive threat on the floor, understanding his length and mobility is tough to match up against. Played well in getting on the boards and finishing well around the basket.

2025 Jerquarius Stanback (Vision Elite): Stanback is a new name personally for me but is a young big that showed flashes of his game.  Still learning the game, Stanback has a nice feel around the basket and a tremendous wingspan that allows him to finish strong around the basket.  He is a new name to jot down and to start watching as he continues to develop.

2025 Tezzy Cunningham (East Coast Allstars): Cunningham is another new name to the scene but with his 6’3 long frame, versatility to play multiple positions, and ability to operate from multiple levels offensively, he is one to put on your watch list.  Early on, he showed that he can be strong in creating for himself and for others as well, really attacking the gaps and getting to the line or finding teammates.  But also showed his perimeter feel, knocking down a few shots. 

2022 Chastin Gateway (Charlotte Supreme): Gateway was a pesky guard on the floor early on Day 1 at the Summer Finale.  His defense helped lead to his offense at times, creating turnovers and pushing it the other way to score.  But he also operated and played strong in the halfcourt, getting paint touches but knocking down open shots as well.

2022 Marshall Klug (Basketpoint): There are certainly teams out there that could use the talent of Klug, who is a 6’8 stretch prospect that can score and operate in an array of ways. We have seen him battle down low and showcase his touch around the basket but also his ability to stretch the floor with his jumper really creates a tough matchup for teams.

2023 Michael Wilson (Team HOPE): He is going to be one to watch, especially he continues to play the way he did today at the Summer Finale.  Wilson played with such poise and IQ on the court, picking his spots, playing strong, and finishing through defenders.  Showed off a little bit of his athleticism as well in the open floor, leading the charge for his team.