Rakease Passmore

2024 6’6 Rakease Passmore (NLPB 828): Talk about a star in the making. Watching him on multiple occasions, you can see that this young man has the “it” factors in his game that is going to make him a big-time target in North Carolina and one of the top prospects in his class. He has the athleticism that will get you out of your seat and he excels at getting downhill.  But he also gave us a glimpse of his ability to knock down shots from outside as well.  Passmore is going to be a popular name though in NC really quick if he already isn’t.

2023 6’6 Sean Rose (Team Synergy): Rose is a new name to our list but we liked what we saw early on with the long prospect.  He still has areas to improve and continue to get stronger but he uses his length extremely well, active around the basket, and finishing nicely. 

2025 6’4 Kody Frey (Save Sports): Coming in as an incoming freshman next year, Frey is going to be a name to really watch.  Already standing at 6’4 and has the genes with a basketball background, Frey showed more of his game.  He has smooth handles, good length and wingspan, finishing well around the rim, has a tremendous early IQ for the game, and can knock down shots from outside.  Really liked what we saw with his game.

2024 Richard Goods (Carolina Clutch): You have heard it from me before but it is worth mentioning once again… Goods is going to be a big to watch in the 2024 class.  He simply continues to show how he can be a dominant forward down low with tremendous hands, active on the boards, and a nice touch around the basket.  He racked up the points once again and with his size and strength, the future looks bright as he continues to develop.

2023 Cam Oates (Garner Road): Oates is one that is going to be an intriguing guard to watch in the 2023 class for NC.  He has continued to develop his game, especially more on the offensive end while continuing to bring that “dog-like” mentality on both sides, playing scrappy defense, playing hard, and making good decisions on the floor. 

2022 Nik Graves (Garner Road): There is a presence about Graves on the floor that you have to really like as a point guard.  He plays well under control, playing his game and at his speed but can operate in multiple settings. Whether you need to push the ball, get out and run, and allow him to score, he can do that but he also sees the floor and under control as well in the half-court.  He simply is a point guard that you feel confident in leading the charge of your team.

2021 Shad Thomas (NC Spartans): Watching this summer, you could say he is one of the more underrated players that deserved more attention. He was productive this past high school season and has only done the same during AAU season.  Super long, athletic, versatile, and such a strong presence on both ends.  Really have enjoyed his game this summer and has continued to be a standout in each event.

2026 Dionte Neal (CP3 2025): Even though he is young, there is something about his game that you like early on.  A really good early feel as a point guard, creating well off the dribble, weaving in and out of defenses, and making plays for himself and for others.  Just a scrappy young guard to really watch in the Charlotte area coming up.