2025 Andrew Grimes (Raleigh Raiders): We told you about Grimes a while back and he continues to play at a high level and catch more eyes with his game and skill set as a young prospect.  The 6’7 forward has a great feel on the court, carving out space and playing big down in the paint and on the boards, but also surprising many with his ability to step out with his mid-range shot, his three-point shot, and his ability to handle.  We are telling you now… start remembering his name.

2024 Austin Swartz (Team Charlotte): We have always known that Swartz can play but it seems that he is adding more to his game and really elevating his play.  Swartz even looks like he has grown a little bit and is getting stronger with his body.  But watching this young man, he is a terrific knockdown shooter, especially with the ability to rise over defenders and score tough shots.  But he is also putting it more on the deck and finding ways to really balance his offensive game.

2023 Saxon Orsini (Recruiting Boost): Recruiting Boost is a very intriguing program, coming from Australia to compete and make some noise in Rock Hill over the last few weeks. One player that grabbed our interest was 2023 Saxon Orsini who was a smooth scoring combo guard, playing under control, playing at a great pace and understanding how to score from several areas on the court.

2024 Peter Moye (Elite 1): Really do think that Moye is going to be a name more people will become familiar with.  Being a key piece at South Meck, Moye is showing that he can really step up and be a threat on the court with is scoring. He has only gotten stronger and has picked up his scoring output. Whether it was putting it on the deck, finishing strong, or knocking down shots, Moye is really starting to put it together and should be a name that you consistently see this summer.

2023 Caleb Senyo (NLPB 803): Senyo was really strong all throughout the event and consistently was the go-to player for his team throughout three games.  His ability to create for himself, read the defense and pick his spots, get paint touches consistently, and be extremely effective when the defense switched on him, Senyo filled it up.  You also have to love his ability to push in transition, creating for himself or for others.

2022 Landon King (Charlotte Guards): King is an unsigned senior that I think a program could use.  Every time we have seen him, he has shown the ability to step up, lead his team, and be a consistent offensive threat.  Whether it is his outside shooting or ability to get downhill, King is always making plays and has done so all year long.  An unsigned senior that I believe can help a program at the next level.

2022 Maxwell Coles (Mint Hill Lakers): Talk about another unsigned senior, Coles may have had the best performance of the day, going off for 47 points and doing whatever he wanted on the floor. He is a terrific all-around guard that can play multiple roles on the floor. He doesn’t need the spotlight to be effective, but he can also step up and be a big offensive threat.  Coles is just a do-it-all type player that works hard on and off the court.

2023 Zion McDuffie (Anthony Morrow): McDuffie makes another standout list, as he continues to show his impact on the court and what he can provide.  The 2023 prospect is excellent in transition, especially with his athleticism and ability to finish at the rim.  McDuffie though can be a threat around the basket but also step out and knock down shots.  Add into his presence on the defensive end and athleticism on the boards, McDuffie should be a target for more schools.