2026 Aalayja Minard/ 2026 Rayana Minard (West Cabarrus): The twin duo was something special to watch and should have the West Cabarrus program excited about the future with these two leading the charge. Both Aalayja and Rayana were strong two-way players, staying extremely active and getting into the passing lanes defensively, but also using that same motor to score the ball effectively from multiple levels and attack the defense. Very impressive showing from the duo.

2023 Sydney Hayes (Alexander Central): The veteran guard stepped up for in key situations for her team to help her team get back in the game. Hayes did a great job in moving with the ball, finding the open spots in the defense, and being a threat from the perimeter with her shot-making but also attacking as well. She made several high-IQ, unselfish plays for her team.

2024 Miles Beard (Hickory Ridge): It was great to see Beard back in action in this game and he continued to show that he can be a productive scorer on the floor, something he has done countless times.  Beard does a great job in pushing and attacking the defense, finding ways to get in the paint or inside the arc and score with his athleticism and touch. He always seems to be attacking and getting downhill, being an effective scorer and creating for himself.

2024 Elijah Green (Covenant Day): Green had a very good showing on Day 1 for his team. Green is a scrappy point guard that understands how to be effective in running the show and leading his team, but also stepping up as a scoring option. He has a nice feel in running the plays, making strong passes, and being a team-first player. But he also needed to step up at times with his shot-making ability, being able to create and get into the paint or knock down shots from three; also is a solid defender.

2023 Michael Wilson (Metrolina Christian): Wilson just seemed to have his hand in everything on Day 1, really showcasing how productive he can be on the court and his versatility.  Wilson is a strong prospect that can operate and make plays from all levels of the floor. His ability to create off the dribble, stretch the floor from outside and be a force on the boards, Wilson continues to do so much on the court.

2023 Eli Clark (Metrolina Christian): Clark was the other catalyst on the floor for his team, as Clark showed just how confident he is with his jump shot. Whether it was knocking down shots from behind the arc (he hit multiple threes), or with his mid-range game, Clark is a confident shot-maker with a smooth release.

2023 Elijah Burnett (Lincoln Charter): Burnett once again showed that he is a player to be recognized more with what he provides and how he operates on the floor. He is a long guard that is a strong playmaker when the ball is in his hands. Burnett does a good job of creating space with his dribble, finding teammates well, and being able to get to the basket to finish over defenders. He led the charge on Day 1 for his team.