2024 6’6 Joshua Randolph (All Carolina): Though it didn’t turn into a win, Randolph captured my eyes with his size and length as a 2024 prospect.  He certainly showed his range on Day 1, knocking down multiple threes for his team but with how young he is and his continuing development, he is one to monitor his progression.

2022 Caleb Hymon (Eastern Carolina Phenomz): Hymon and his team started off slow but started to find their rhythm in the second half, as he scored all of his 22 points in the second half. He did it in an array of ways, knocking down jumpers from multiple levels and playing with a smooth feel on the court.

2022 Jacob Cooper (Team Loaded 804): Cooper is a new name to watch for Team Loaded 804 17u this weekend.  He is a 5’10, quick and shifty guard that plays with a terrific feel and pace to his game.  He picks his spots and penetrates the lane, either finding ways to get the ball on the rim or create for his teammates.  He had a really strong showing on Day 1.

2024 Josiah Rickards (Team Loaded 757 15u): Rickards had a strong showing, scoring 28 points on Day 1, and did it all ways possible. He plays hard and with a tremendous motor on the court, showing off his shot-making ability as well as creating opportunities to get to the line.

2022 6’8 Sam Perez (Team Wall 2022): Perez continues to have a stellar summer. He showed it at the NCISAA Live Period and is doing so once again with Team Wall.  He just does a little bit of everything and is such a tough matchup with his size and outside game, but also willing to do the dirty work for his team.  Really strong Day 1 for this young man.

2022 6’9 Khouri Carvey (Team Trezz): I think this is a big man that could earn some offers or at least more attention with his game.  He moves incredibly well for his size and has such a soft touch around the rim.  He has really good footwork down low in the post, while also making a presence defensively as well.

2023 6’7 Austin Ball (WV Generals): Ball came in as a highly-regarded prospect and one that continues to see his stock rise and one can see why. He is simply wired to score the ball any way possible and now that he is part of the 2023 class, it makes him even more interesting. Such a smooth outside shot and always seems to be around the ball.