2022 Camian Shell: We have known what Shell can provide on the floor but really elevated his play at the NC Top 80. He was aggressive offensively, looked for his shot, initiated the offense, and of course, defended as well.  Really liked how he got his teammates involved but didn’t shy away from his outside game.

2023 Callum Richard: It seems to be coming along for the big man.  He is understanding more about his size and using it to his advantage.  Where he has really grown is his physicality on the court now, being more assertive down low in the post and looking to finish at the rim.  The big man really impressed with his growth in the last year.

2022 De’Ante Green: Such a huge fan of Green and his game.  There is so much to like in what he provides but the effort and competitiveness that he plays with really shined while on the floor.  A player at his size, who runs the court, is so active on the boards, and looks too dominant down low… you just don’t find that in many players.  And that doesn’t mention his comfort level from outside and his skillset.  Even though he is committed already, he still came out and proved why he is one of the best in the state.

2022 Raphael Gay: Gay has been a hot topic in the state of North Carolina, as he comes in as a new name but quickly capturing the eyes of so many.  Why is that? Easy to say when he is considered one of the most explosive prospects in the class and stands at 6’6.  He is going to look to put you on a poster if you are in his way but also a terrific finisher out in transition.

2023 Takorrie Faison: Faison looked to come out here and prove himself.  At times he may get overlooked but he shined early on with his play.  He brings a strong frame, one that he can use to embrace contact down low but brings a unique ability to also create well with his dribble.  Faison is one that should garner more attention and showed why he belongs with some of the best here in NC.

2024 Langston Boyd: Boyd really came out early and grabbed some eyes with his play; he looked like he wanted to make a point on both ends of the floor. At a young age, his ability to create for himself, rise up over defenders, and finish incredibly strong around and at the rim is tough.  Also really made it a point to get after it defensively.

2022 Xavier McKelvy: To put it simply, McKelvy just produces when he is on the floor.  This is a young man that puts in the work and has worked extremely hard to get where he is today. With his athleticism, his assertiveness to score the ball, and his motor, McKelvy checks off a lot of boxes that Winthrop is going to enjoy in the coming years.

2025 Gevonte Ware: Ware has quickly been rising up the ranks in my opinion for the class of 2025.  Yes, he grabs your attention with his size already at 6’7 at a young age but it is also his hands and activity level on the boards.  So strong and nimble for his size, he is a true difference-maker in the paint and is just starting his story.

2023 Jaiden Thompson: Thomspon proved himself at this camp, showing why he deserved to be here and did he make an impact on the floor.  He certainly was an impact player on the defensive end, creating steals into instant offense. Loved his competitive nature and his aggressiveness on both ends. Made a lot of players for himself and others.

2023 Truman Claytor: Claytor was special and really made his presence known on the floor.  I continue to say that this young man is going to be an x-factor during the high school season.  With his frame and ability to operate on all levels, knocking down shots from outside, finishing strong, and creating for himself, Claytor is one that college coaches need to be on more.