Phenom Hoop Report headed back to a familiar place over the years, as Proehlific Park in Greensboro, North Carolina held their first of three North Carolina Junior Phenom camps.  Not only does it provide a fantastic chance for young, rising prospects to learn the game but it also gives us an early preview of the talent coming up in the years to come.

Check out a few names that impressed at the camp.

2027 Adam Reavis (Northwest Guilford Middle)

With younger players, it is at times the little things on and off the court that come away impressed.  One of the youngest players at the camp, Reavis really looked to compete and get better.  His effort on the defensive end stood out but also coming to ask his coach on where he can improve and learning more about the game.  Love that attitude.

2024 Bryson Heath (Arborbrook Christian Academy)

Heath moves very well on the floor.  Whether it is his change of pace, his crossover, or a quick first step, Heath had intangibles that you will translate well the more he develops.  Playing with his head always up, he also demonstrated fantastic vision and precision on his passes.

2024 Cayden Martin (Northwest Guilford Middle)

Martin has all the intangibles that you look for in a point guard coming up.  He has a great feel and understanding vs. his defenders, reads the floor well, pushes the break, and finishes at the rim.  Plays smart basketball.

2024 Cameron Milton (Cornerstone Charter Academy)

Milton’s impact on both ends of the floor was certainly felt.  Whether it was running the floor, getting back on defense, as well as his ability to push the break and/ or finish through contact around the paint, he did it all at the camp.

2024 Bryce Cox (Wayne Prep Academy)

Cox is one to really start tracking as he continues to develop as an overall player.  He has terrific size and length, allowing him to be incredibly versatile on the floor.  With his wingspan, he covers a ton of ground and uses that same length to rise/ score over defenders.