2024 Caden Caskey (Purple Knights): Caskey had a strong summer and continued on championship weekend at the Fall League. He continues to flourish as a scoring option, knocking down shots with confidence, creating, making high IQ decisions and reads, and understanding how to be an effective option.' He averaged over 20+ points on Day 1 of the weekend.

2025 Darnerian Gibson (WS Christian): Gibson is such an interesting point guard, as he excels well consistently in running the show and leading the team, but this weekend he reminded everyone once again that he can be a scrappy scoring option. His blend of speed, handles, creativity, and shot-making helped lead his team on Day 1.

2026 Michael Phillips (Harvest Development): This is a young man that I have a lot of hope for and has shown a lot of promise in his development. There are a lot of boxes that you can check off in what he will be in the end, with his ability to block and alter shots, defend multiple positions, his range from behind the arc, and his length.' And overall, I still believe he is far from what he ultimately can be in the end.

2024 Quay Watson (Beatties Ford): Watson is such a dynamic scoring guard, and with college coaches making him a priority, he was able to show out and lead the charge once again for his team (something he has done consistently). Watson is a proven shooter with range, but also a tough creator and finisher.' He has no issue in filling it up and should only continue that this upcoming season.

2025 Brett Freeman (Fire Babies): Freeman got things going again this weekend, putting two impressive showings on championship weekend.' It is looking like this could be a bit of a breakout season for the big guard, as he continues to shoot the ball extremely well from deep as well as show more of his overall game and impact. He has really stepped up his play over the last few weeks overall.

2025 Isaac Ericksen (Goon Squad): I haven't had a chance to watch Ericksen much this Fall League, so I was eager to really sit down and watch him, and he didn't disappoint. Ericksen is one that should and will garner more interest his way, especially with how he may be used on the court. He can really be a matchup problem, using his size to his advantage in finishing strong over defenders but also stretching the court with his perimeter shot.' Think this young man has a lot of potential and should be in for a big season.

2025 Andrew Grimes (C-Town): Grimes was another one I was really excited about watching, and he didn't disappoint. He is a fluid forward who is comfortable in stepping out but is at his best when he is using his size and athleticism to his advantage. He was extremely active on the glass, attacking the glass, and finishing well in the paint. But also showed his ability to put it on the deck and get to the rim, as well as be a threat from outside.