2022 Tre Harris (Currituck): The biggest prospect on the court, Harris really utilizes his size and length on both ends of the court.  He moved well in the paint and had good touch around the basket, while also looking to man the boards.  Harris used that same length on the defensive end to block s few shots and protect the basket.

2022 Carmillo Burton (Currituck): Burton helped lead the charge for Currituck, leading the charge offensively, seeing the floor well, pushing in transition, and penetrating the defense. He has a nice burst of speed that allows him to get past his defender and attack, as he made several plays in the open floor and was able to get to the basket consistently.

2024 Markus Robinson (Veritas Collegiate): Coming in, the sophomore was averaging 38.7ppg and though he started out slow, he came on strong ultimately finishing with 27 points and 12 rebounds. Robinson brings a strong body to the table, with the ability to battle and finish strong around the basket and really be a physical presence on the boards.  Robinson also was able to get to his spots, especially showing his one-dribble pull-up.  Strong showing for the sophomore guard.

2023 Zayveon Rogers (Veritas Collegiate): Rogers had a good showing on both ends of the floor, playing with a lot of energy and with a great motor.  He continued to be a difference-maker on the defensive end, creating steals and getting into the passing lanes, allowing his team to get out in transition. He wasn't flashy or the go-to player but he filled up the stat sheet with 10 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 steals. Made some timely plays in the game.

2023 Terrell Burns (Riverside-Martin): Burns was an absolute animal on the court. A beast down low in the paint, getting his hands on everything on the boards eventually racking up 18 rebounds, 11 of which on the offensive end. And he didn't stop, as he was able to create those second-chance opportunities with his activity level on the glass.  Made some big plays late in the game to help his team secure the overtime victory.

2023 Darius Lewis (Riverside-Martin): While Burns was doing the dirty work down low, it was Lewis that was stretching the defense with his perimeter shooting. He did a good job in showcasing his range, going 6-for-12 from three but also showing burst in his game.  Whether it was his ability to be a play-maker or knock down shots off the catch, Lewis had a very good showing.

2023 Kenyen Conti (Manteo): Conti was the leader offensively, scoring in a variety of ways on the floor. Whether it was his outside shot from the perimeter (going 5-for-9 from three) or putting it on the deck and creating, Conti displayed good decision-making and touch with his game.  Finished the day with 27 points.

2024 Kaleb Spencer (Manteo):  Spencer is a young forward that could be one to watch in the coming years.  He possesses good size and is a fluid forward, to go along with his good hands.  He was active on the boards, kept the ball high, and had some moments in finishing well around the basket.  Though there is still work left to be done in his development, he is one worth monitoring.

2022 Christen Battle (Wilson Prep): The 5'10 senior guard stepped up in a big way to help his team secure the win at the Good Guys vs. Cancer, scoring 20 points.  He was able to knock down multiple threes but also displayed a shifty game with the ability to create and attack.  For his size, it was quite impressive with him racking up nine rebounds as well in the action.

2024 Leslie Minter (Wilson Prep): Minter is a new name for me personally but I was really impressed with the 6'4 sophomore and think he could be one to keep an eye on.  Love his size and versatility on the court, but on Day 2, he really displayed extreme confidence in his perimeter shooting, knocking down five 3-pointers but also impacting the game in a variety of ways.

2022 Andre Barnett (Camden): Barnett was the catalyst offensively, as he gave everyone a glimpse of his ability to be a playmaking point guard.' He has a great change of pace and is also incredibly shifty with the ball in his hands.' It allowed him to penetrate the defense and find his teammates for open shots.' Very unselfish player on the floor that made plays.

2024 Keveon Rodgers (Hertford Co): Rodgers really willed up the stat sheet in this win, racking up 15 points, 6 rebounds, and 7 assists on the day.' As a well-built prospect, he can find success in many ways on the floor with his ability to go through contact and score in the paint but also step out with his outside shot.' Add that to his ability to create on the deck for himself and for others, he made a ton of winning plays on Day 2.

2022 Terry Moore (Washington): Moore, who is already a football star on the field, can get it done also on the basketball court.' He is a very athletic guard that can finish at the rim, use his football frame to his advantage, and create well in finding his teammates also.' Overall, just really liked his toughness and athleticism on the court, as well as making some highlight-reel passes to his teammates.