2024 Sean Birmingham (Cannon): Getting another chance to view the 6'8 forward and it has now been two games that he has impressed with his ability to be useful in stepping out and showcasing his fluid shot-making ability from the perimeter, but also making plays on the boards, creating and making good decisions/passes, and using his size to his advantage. He can really be a big matchup though with how comfortable he is in stretching the court.

2023 Efe Sekeroglu (Virginia Episcopal): The 6'10 senior big man really impressed throughout, showing how effective he can be in the post and with his back to the basket, finishing over defenders, and also giving a glimpse of his ability to put it on the deck and create opportunities. But where he really showed out was his ability to dominate the boards, racking up 17 rebounds in the game. Impressive showing overall for him.

2023 Jordan Marsh (Moravian Prep): It was one of the better games that I've seen from the 2023 guard, just reminding everyone of what he showed in past seasons.  Marsh is one of the fastest guards on the court, using that speed to attack and get downhill, get out in transition and finish, but also be that play-making guard for his teammates. Really liked his court awareness and his balance of scoring power and creating for others. It was tough for anyone to stay in front of him all game long.

2024 Stephen Quinn (Moravian Prep): Quinn was a game-changer for Moravian Prep in this game, especially with how the team likes to play. They will certainly let it fly and as one of the top shooters around the region, Quinn was able to showcase that with big shot after big shot. Quinn has unlimited range, something that has been noted over and over again. But if you give him any space, he has the confidence to knock it down no matter how deep he is.

2023 Jakwon Moore (1of1): It has been some time since seeing Moore on the floor, so it was good to see him once again and find some success on the court on Day 1. He still carries that strong, physical frame and has a game that allows him to use his athleticism and size to finish at the rim and through contact. But he is also showing more confidence with his jumper from inside and out.  Good showing from the unsigned senior on Day 1.

2026 Yohance Connor (1of1): Connor continues to be a strong presence on the floor and has been the consistent leader of this team. He continues to do what he always does, showing his ability to get downhill and get past defenders, showcase strong body control and ability to finish well and be an aggressive two-way prospect that can really create havoc. Connor has shown why he is one of the premier freshmen in the state and does so with consistency.

2023 Alex Bates (United Faith): Bates was the go-to player for United Faith on Day 1, showing his balanced attack on the court. Bates does a great job in finding the open spots on the floor to find his shot from the perimeter but he continues to add more, create opportunities for himself, and finish tough finishes and above his defender. One of the clear leaders for this team this year.

2023 Carter Alessi (Charlotte County Day): The point guard had a good showing in this game. He was able to control the pace, push in transition when needed, penetrate and find his teammates, make high-IQ decisions in dropping it off to his teammates, but also capitalizing on scoring opportunities. He was another player that elevated his game when his team needed him.

2023 AJ Hewett (Charlotte Country Day): Hewett stepped up big time for his team, as the 6'7 prospect was able to make plays down in the post, being effective with his back to the basket, moving around to create opportunities, and also showing that he can step out and knock down shots. A smart forward that impacted the game in a variety of ways and really elevated his game when his team needed him to.

2025 JD Bowden (United Faith): The young point guard stepped up big for his team, especially with his ability to create and make plays with his shiftiness. Bowden excelled when he was able to get downhill and attack in transition, penetrating the paint and putting pressure on the defense, getting to the line consistently and also facilitating well.