2022 DJ Nix (Cannon): Even in a loss, Nix was incredibly productive and just seemed to be everywhere on the court. No matter where you put him, Nix was able to create havoc and simply produce. He showed his full arsenal, creating for himself, getting to the basket to score, knocking down shots on all levels, and getting on the boards.  He finished with 35 points and 12 rebounds, in one of his best overall performances of the season for this team. Cornell got themselves a good one coming in.

2023 Freddie Dilione (Word of God): Dilione continues to show why he may be considered one of the most complete players in the state of North Carolina.  He simply just seems to be all over the court, makes impressive decisions on the floor, and does a little bit of everything that his team needs. Whether it is getting and finding his teammates, being more of a scoring threat, helping on the boards, and defending, Dilione checks off a lot of boxes and performed consistently all year long.

2022 Jackson Holt (Moravian Prep): Another game, another night in which ’22 Jackson Holt showcased his ability to be a knockdown shooter.  Holt’s decision-making and shot selection is big time and his ability/confidence in getting to his spots and hitting shots is incredible to watch.  He really can set the tone for this team and when he is hitting, it opens up so much on the court.

2022 Victor Panov (DME Academy): The big man faced some foul trouble but still displayed flashes of his game, playing physical around the post, attacking the defense but showing soft touch as well around the paint.  Has good size and frame to go with his game, and is comfortable in popping out with a jumper.

2023 Donovan Raymond (West Charlotte): Another night of Raymond helping lead the charge and he can really be a difference-maker for this team.  He can alter shots on the defensive end or at least build a wall and help get on the boards, but he also does a tremendous job in running the floor, beating his man down, or gaining position to finish around the paint.

2022 JP Haggarty (Lake Norman Christian): Haggarty had himself a day and came up big when his team needed him too.  He continues to knock down shots with his jumper but he was even bigger in putting it on the deck, attacking the defense, and finishing while also getting the foul called. One of his best performances I’ve seen this year so far from the senior guard.