2022 Cade Tyson (Carmel Christian): It was an absolute battle between Carmel and Providence, it was Tyson that led the charge and kept his team in the game in the first half, and also made big plays in the second to help secure the win.  Tyson though showed just how effective he can be from anywhere on the floor. He can score outside, he can use his 6’8 size against smaller defenders to score down low, or really show his mid-range game.  Tyson was feeling it all game long on his way to 26 points.

2022 Quave Propst-Allison (Providence Day): I’ve always enjoyed what Propst-Allison provided on the floor and think he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves at times.  We are talking about one of the quickest guards in the state, is incredibly tough to stay in front of, attacks well in transition, and can really penetrate the lane to score.  He also does a nice job in creating havoc on defense and really opens up the floor when he attacks and finds his teammates.

2022 Shane Fernald (Lake Norman Christian): Though his teammate, Josh Bullock, had a tremendous game and led the charge with 20 points, I was extremely impressed also with the hustle play, and energy that Fernald played with on both ends. He made those little plays, he showed poise down low and touch in the post, and he was aggressive on the boards. He is one of the leaders on this team and made those critical plays that you won’t see in the stat sheet to help his team win.

2023 Silas Demary Jr. (Liberty Heights): Demary led the charge for Liberty Heights, as the 2023 guard played with a strong feel, aggressively attacked the paint looking to score, and also started out with his outside jumper.  Demary showed that he can lead the charge but also be an effective scoring option for his team.

2024 Lewis Walker (WS Christian): Walker simply continues to grow on me and when you watch him, it is easy to see why.  This kid is all about production on the floor; he plays strong down in the post, goes through defenders to score with touch, but also has a unique skill set for a player that plays down low. Walker is the description of production and he continues to do it consistently.

2023 Mychael Mitchell (Northside Christian): With Tubbs missing in action, Mitchell has really elevated and taken on as one of the go-to players for this team. He is a quick, shifty guard that understands how to score in a variety of ways, whether it is dicing through the defense or with his pull-up game. He sees the floor very well and was strong out in transition.  Though he just came up short in tying the game (a very difficult shot), he played extremely well.

2023 Dallas Gardner (Charlotte Country Day): Gardner played extremely well and really stepped up for his team, especially in the second half. He was extremely aggressive and was attacking without any fear and leaving his body on the line. He exploded to the rack to score or got to the line, as he helped carry his team in impressive fashion on Day 2 finishing with

2023 Alex Bates (United Faith): Bates is a name to get to know more about.  Not only did he go viral for his explosive dunk but the 6’5 prospect also showed his ability to be an effective shooter from three and with his mid-range game.  Sneaky explosive player that is an effective scorer with a fluid smooth shooting stroke. Really like his game and what he provides to this team.