2023 Jamarri Williams (NLPB): The 6’1 guard really stepped up and elevated his play to start Day 2 at the Summer Havoc.  The guard was making plays left and right, scoring the ball effectively, knocking down shots from multiple levels, showing a confident pull-up game, and also having a burst of speed in his game. Finished with 22 points in a big win to start the day.

2023 Walker Woodall (Wildcats Elite): After going for 32 points on Day 1 at the Havoc, Woodall put in another tremendous performance with 24 points.  Woodall is an underrated prospect that produces, finding space to get his shot off, scoring from multiple levels at 6’5, and plays with a great IQ and feel for the game.

2023 JJ Moore (Anthony Morrow Elite): Moore has been known for his game and he continues to show how effective he can be as a scorer and as a leader on the court.  Moore does a great job in creating his own scoring opportunities, whether it is from outside or getting into the paint and finishing around/over defenders.  With his speed and playmaking ability on the floor, he is tough to guard and slow down.

2023 Luke Carter (Pro One): Carter has been consistent for much of the weekend, as the point guard plays tough all around, creates well off the dribble, and did a nice job in handling pressure by the defense and creating scoring opportunities. Carter is a smart, three-level guard that can really knock down shots.

2023 Jordon Nevill (Team HOPE Chris): Getting another chance to watch Nevill in action, it is hard to not say that he is one of the top shooters with range at the event and in the state of North Carolina.  And he continues to show it consistently, being one of the best threats from outside and a gamechanger when he is hitting multiple threes.

2024 Quay Watson (Team United): If you have watched Watson in the past, you know this is a point guard that can pour it on offensively and is the definition of tough.  Watson did a terrific job in creating and using his speed to his advantage, making plays off the dribble, getting to the basket, and finding ways to finish. 

2023 Sam Martin (Strong Center 2023 Hart): It was a big game for Martin going up against some terrific talent and he didn’t disappoint.  What Martin provides in the paint is impressive; with his ability to finish at the rim, make timely blocks without fouling, and being strong on the boards.  Played hard all game long and made several strong plays.

2023 Tyrese Melo (Run the Citi): Melo has been consistent all weekend long and he has been one of the top players at the event.  Consistent with his ability to score, knocking down shots from all levels of the floor, can be a shifty playmaker, and shoed he can go get a basket for himself.  Also made his presence felt on the defensive end as well. Tough guard that should be rising up the ranks for college coaches.