2024 Morgan Smith (Ben L. Smith): Smith led the way on Day 2 for her team, helping secure a strong overtime victory. She finished with 22 points and filled it up, doing a nice job of penetrating and creating. Smith was at her best when she was able to get downhill and attack the defense, finding ways to score inside but also did a tremendous job in getting to the line.  But that doesn’t mean the junior guard couldn’t knock down shots from outside.  Smith is a tough, two-way guard that helped her team in a variety of ways.

2026 Janiya Milligan (TW Andrews): Milligan is a name that we believe you will be hearing more about, as she presents a strong presence down in the paint at her size.  For a player so young, she created havoc not only using her size to finish around the basket but being assertive on the glass and as a rim protector defensively.  Milligan has a lot of potential in her game as she adds more to her game, and she showed flashes of that on Day 2.

2025 Shamarius Peterkin (Mount Tabor): This was my first viewing of Snook and can easily see what everyone was talking about with his game. Peterkin is a dynamic playmaking prospect that is smooth, fluid, brings tremendous athleticism, and scores effortlessly at times. He does a great job in creating for himself and scoring from all over, but also playing hard/smart on the defensive end. He was terrific in leading the charge and making plays.

2023 Kobe Parker (Ragsdale): It took a quarter for Parker to get going but when he was called upon, he stepped up like a true leader for his team. Parker is an effective scorer from all over, and has shown that consistently each time we see him. He isn’t afraid of the bright lights and stepping up to score the ball from multiple levels, as he hit big shots in the second half from deep and played extremely tough. Parker was absolutely HUGE for his team on Day 2.

2023 Will Gray (East Forsyth): Gray was tremendous in leading the charge for his team. Gray continues to be a presence all over the floor, playing strong defensively and helping to create havoc but also playing strong, attacking the basket, embracing contact, and finishing around the basket. Gray continues to be consistent as a prospect and should only continue to build more off his game at the next level.

2024 Elijah Cathcart (HP Christian): Isaiah Sanders has had an excellent weekend, showing how consistent he can be. But I was also impressed with what Cathcart could bring to the table. Fluid shot-maker with a ton of confidence from the outside. His release looks extremely nice, moves well without the ball, and looks for his shot; really liked his range and stepped up to help his team on Day 2.

2025 CJ Neely (Ben L. Smith): Neely is a player that caught my eye on Day 1 and only continued to grab my attention on Day 2. Talk about a player that makes his impact felt in a variety of ways, whether it is his ability to create and score, dish and find his teammates, compete on the boards and make those hustle plays, or be an effective player on the defensive end. Neely did a little bit of everything and is a new name to start watching out for in the Greensboro area.