2026 Trey Beamer (Team United): Beamer is an exciting young prospect to really watch out for.  Recently watched him in the VISAA playoffs where he filled it up, and did so again today to lead the charge for his team. When you talk about his game, you immediately notice his poise and feel for the game. He has a strong ability to create and make plays from all levels, find ways to get to his spots, and has such a nice feel in making plays with the ball in his hands. Exciting young player.

2025 Josh Dorsette (Carolina Flyers): Watching him a few times on Day 2, I really enjoyed what the 5’9 point guard was able to do on the floor. Not only was he making playing and getting into the paint consistently, but he was also making great passes, hit big shots, and competing on both ends.  Made some big plays all throughout the day.

2025 Jamier Rice (Durham Hurricanes): Rice was a standout last year that we learned more about and he continues to be an intriguing guard to watch. One thing that he does well is that he can be electric with the ball in his hands, displaying his craftiness to get around defenders, breaking down the defense, and consistently getting paint touches or simply making plays.

2024 Drake Powell (CP3): It is so easy to see why Powell is one of the most complete players in the country… he just impacts the game and truly does so much on the floor for his team.  Powell brings such an IQ and feel for the game, making terrific passes to find teammates, but also doing an excellent job in creating his shot, attacking the boards to create more opportunities, and being a difference-maker defensively.

2024 Ebrima Jabbi (Combine): A new name that you will want to watch and learn more about, the 7-footer was an absolute monster when watching.  Jabbi was a force to be reckoned with in the paint, swallowing up any loose rebounds, being a shot blocker defensively, and using his long wingspan/length to finish with touch in the paint. Racked up an impressive double-double to start his day.

2025 Curtis Jackson (Truth Elite): It was good to get an updated viewing of Jackson on the court, and you can see he has continued to develop nicely. Looks stronger, added more to his game, and is more assertive on the court, Jackson did a great job in making plays off the dribble. He finished strong, was a versatile defender, and continues to show his offensive capabilities.

2026 Ashton Pierce (CP3): I will be interested in watching how Pierce continues to improve his overall game but for someone his age, you can see that he has a ton of potential with his game.  It will be interesting to see what more he can add the more he has the opportunities. Pierce though does a great job in creating and also getting to his spots, really showing how effective he can be offensively.

2023 Jaydin Spillman-Martin (NC Rise): The unsigned senior is one that I continue to believe can help a program.  The forward can be an intriguing matchup on the floor, especially with his ability to step out and handle, make plays off the dribble, and his ability to knock down shots as well as finish at the rim. An unsigned senior that really could be a nice piece for a program for the coming years.