2025 KJ Younger (Team HOPE): Younger has been a name that continues to pop up for me and I’m eager to see what his summer could be like; he could be in for a breakout-type season.  Younger though continues to showcase what he has always done, being that physical presence in scoring through defenders but also showing a well-rounded skillset.  He is able to really impact the game in a variety of ways and there wasn’t anyone slowing him down to start the day.

2028 Zyion Jones (Team USC 2028): Jones quickly captures your eyes with his size at his age.  Jones is a long, wiry forward that was able to make his impact felt in a variety of ways but will be also one to keep an eye on. Jones has a nice feel and touch around the basket, moves well for his size, and has the ability to make his presence felt on both ends. Still very early but the intrigue should be there.

2025 Teon Tindal (Carolina Rebels): Tindal is a name that has been a consistent presence to start the event, and should be one to monitor more down the road. Tindal has the size that you like, can be a physical presence and really battle down low in the paint, stays active and engaged on the boards, and has good hands and feel down in the post.  Still room to grow and develop but has had a solid start to the event.

2025 Jackson Fannon (Riptide): Fannon continues to make progress with his overall game, and is showing that he can be a tough matchup on the court with his size, his skillset, and ability to mix it up on the court.  He can guard multiple positions, showcased his ability to score and be effective inside the arc, but also stretch the defense and be a threat from outside, hitting multiple shots from outside. Like his steady improvement in his game.

2025 Tre McKinnon (Team Charlotte): I’m eager to see what McKinnon can do this summer and if this could be the year he really breaks out.  From what we have seen early on, the 6’5 prospect is showing his ability to be an effective weapon in an array of areas. Today, he was able to get to his spots and rise up for his mid-range jumper, but also continues to excel in finding ways to get to the rim and score. Can be a strong presence in multiple positions on the court.

2023 Zion McDuffie (Team Charlotte): McDuffie, an unsigned senior, can be a valuable asset on the court with how he can be used and his versatility.  At his size, he does a great job in being able to defend multiple positions, but he can be tough to slow down with his athleticism to get to the rim, finishing with authority, and being a strong presence defensively as well.  Really like his competitive nature and continues to work hard on his overall game.

2026 Nick Arnold (Team Charlotte): It may have been his best overall showing from the point guard, as you can see that he has gotten bigger and stronger, while still maintaining his ability to create and be a playmaker. High IQ point guard that created well for his teammates, battled through defenders, was active on the boards, and made some tough finishes as well. Very impressed with his growth.