2024 Paul McNeil (Richmond Jammers): McNeil is already regarded as one of the top prospects not only in the state but in the country and it is easy to see why at his age.  We are talking about a 6’6 prospect that can be a huge threat from deep, knocking down tough jumpers from all levels, a player that can create for himself and can operate from all positions on the floor.  What is scary to think is that he is just starting his story in what he could be at the end.

2022 Liam Craven (Combine Regional): I really like this young man, especially with his IQ, his feel for the game, and his confidence from deep.  He gets to his spot and has no issue letting it fly with his fluid release.  He showed it on multiple occasions, knocking down big shot after big shot when his team needed it.

2022 Peter Rossitch (Red Storm): Getting a glance of Peter’s game during the open gym, it doesn’t surprise me for him to find his way on this list.  The 5’10 guard is such a competitor and plays so hard on both ends. He was terrific in creating off the dribble and getting into the paint, finding ways to get the ball on the rim to score.  But he also plays so strong for his size, you can’t help but enjoy watching him play.

2023 Nick Dorn (Cougars): It really seems that Dorn is really starting to understand the game a lot more and also understand what he is capable of bringing to the floor.  He has only gotten bigger and stronger over the last year and showed today just how big of a threat he can be with his outside shooting.  He is such a smoother operating guar with size and a really becoming a confident shooter.

2022 Toby Nnadozie (Believe Prep): Was impressed with the strong play from Nnadozie.  He is an aggressive and assertive guard that plays with a physical style and a tough mentality.  He was scoring in an array of ways, showing at times his athleticism, displaying his ability to pull-up and knock down jumpers confidently, and simply gets after it on both ends. Led the way in the game with 23 points.

2024 Dylan Deluca (Team HOPE): Was really impressed with what I saw out of Deluca today.  He continues to develop and understand the game and is getting strong down low in the post.  He showed off his developed post moves, and with his speed at his size, he can be trouble.  He also showed how effective and his presence on the defensive end without fouling.  Continues to make the right strides in his game.

2022 Sam Gregg (Papa Pete’s): Gregg might not always be the most popular name but man, does he help this team in an array of ways.  The 2022 guard competes and brings that toughness that this team likes to have.  Gregg made plays on both ends, always moving and being active and really stepping up in the second half to help secure the team’s hard-fought victory. Strong play for the senior and one that will make an impact for this team.

2023 Cole Callaway (Team Cats): Callaway continues to put in the work and continues to make strides with his overall feel for the game. Expanding his game, Callaway has become a very reliable scorer and one that can do it in an array of ways.  He has put up some strong performances pretty consistently, which is why so many people are excited in seeing what he will be able to do this upcoming season as well.

2023 Jaylen Curry (Cougars): In the class of 2023, Curry continues to prove why he is regarded as one of the best players in the state and nationally ranked.  You just don’t see a player with his speed, his play-making ability in scoring and getting others, and his athleticism.  His body control is big-time, finding ways to get the ball on the rim and he is an elite shot-maker from deep. 

2023 Josh Bullock (Underrated Athletes): Really like how this young man has grown as a leader and player on the floor.  He makes everyone better on the floor, plays incredibly hard on both ends, and understands when he needs to step up for his team in big situations.  Count on him to be a huge part of the success this season for his team, being that vocal presence; plays under control and at his own pace.