2022 Evan Smith (Team Purple): Really do believe this is just the start of a terrific season for Smith.  He is going to have to pick up his offensive scoring and is showing that during the Hoop State League.  He plays with such a smooth feel, is patient in his attack, and handles contact extremely well. Continues to be consistent offensively on the floor.

2022 Liam Craven (Combine Regional): Craven is one that I think really should start earning more attention.  Programs need shooters and he has one of the smoothest shots in the state and plays with extreme confidence.  He continued to show that once again, hitting shots with range and playing with terrific IQ.

2022 Kevin Williams (Red Storm): The coaches are hoping Williams can step up and that he did, using his frame and strength to his advantage and being aggressive offensively.  Williams will be a big part for Catholic this season and he gave us a glimpse of his impact when he is locked in.

2025 Jordyn Washington (Phantom Elite): Washington is a young prospect but one that played well, using his long frame, attacking in transition, and finding ways to get to the basket to score.  He was consistent throughout and being active on both ends.

2024 Dylan Deluca (Warriors): Deluca has continued to elevate his game and has been pretty consistent throughout the Hoop State League.  The versatile forward has a nice blend in his game, whether it is scoring inside with touch or fluid shooter from multiple levels.  He continues to make steady progression with his game over and certainly is one to continue to keep an eye on.

2024 Ryan Lewis (Team Purple): Though Lewis is one of the younger prospects on the team, he has shown on multiple occasions this summer that he can step up offensively.  This weekend, he gave us another glimpse, this time with his high school team.  He shot the ball well from outside and finished well around the basket, as he stayed assertive on the court. If he can do the same this high school season, it will be a big help for his team.

2024 Quay Watson (Beatties Ford): Watson is a young guard that quickly attracted some eyes with his style of play. The young guard has a nice feel for the game and a tremendous change of pace/direction with the ball in his hands. He was able to get his defenders off balance, create well for himself, and pick his spots to attack.

2025 Geovonte Ware (1 of 1 Elite): The big man continues to impress with his advanced skillset as a true big man at such a young age. Ware is such a physical big down low, showing the ability to dominate the boards, showcase his touch, and finish through contact or get to the line. He is going to be a big name to watch out for quickly.

2023 Jaiden Thompson (The Force): The Daniel twins get a lot of attention and that they should but Thomspon plays a fantastic role for this team as well, as he plays with a terrific IQ, can be effective with his pull-up game, and shows the ability to get paint touches when he needs to. Really like what he provides for this team, especially as a leader and another scoring option