2022 6’4 Korey Richardson (Tea Marie 16u): Richardson is simply smooth with his game.  His body control and ability to make plays on both ends is why college coaches are coming after him hard.  Plays at a terrific pace and under control.

2022 6’9 Jai Smith (Tea Marie Hoops 16u): This being the second weekend in a row watching Smith, he continues to excel with his ability to run rim to rim and finishing above his defenders.  He constantly beats his opponents down the floor for easy scoring opportunities.

2021 Kris Robinson (Team Charlotte 17u): Robinson continues to play his role for his team.  Knocking down shots from the perimeter but also showing that he can create for himself to get easy opportunities at the rim.

2021 Trae Benham (Team Charlotte 17u): Benham is just a worker on the court.  We’ve known him to be a knockdown shooter and he continues to show that part of his game but he is now really showing he can put it all together and score in multiple ways, showing how dangerous he can be.  Led the team with 16 points in the win.

2021 6’5 Xavier Long (Metro Ball DC 17u): Long just seemed to always be around the rim and active on the boards, showing good hands and touch around the rim.  He is one that may not pop out right away but he was really active on Day 1.

2021 6’9 Tristan Bounds (Metro Ball DC 17u): Bounds has the size and physicality to compete with anyone on the court, which makes sense when you hear that he is an offensive tackle committed to play at Michigan.  He isn’t a big offensive threat but you can’t notice the body and muscle he brings in the paint.  Once he gets his hands on the ball, it is his.

2021 5’11 Brookes Kahlert (Atlanta Timberwolves 17u): Kahlert doesn’t jump out to you at first but when you watch his game, it is a lot of fun to watch.  He has a lot of flash and wiggle to his game, seeing the floor well, finding open teammates with creative passes, and being able to deliver precise passes as well as score creatively.

2021 6’1 Breon Pass (Tea Marie 17u): Pass continues to showcase why schools from around the country should be looking at his game.  He plays completely under control, reads defenses and sees the floor, and plays with a motor.  He can be a facilitator or a score all over the court.