2024 Miles Beard (Hickory Ridge): Beard was at it again in leading his team, finishing with 19 points and five rebounds. Beard continues to be a force offensively with his ability to knock down shots from outside and his pull-up game, but also excels in penetrating and getting to the basket.  Beard just has a natural ability to find ways to score and does so consistently.

2023 Luke Brigman (Hickory Ridge): Really liked the presence that Brigman provided for his team. Having multiple options with size, Brigman was able to score the ball effectively around the basket, carving out space and showing nice touch.  But he also used his frame well to carve out space on the boards. Very good game from the senior big man.

2026 Jordan King (Charlotte Elite): King is going to be a name you could be hearing more about the more he plays, as the freshman led the charge offensively.  He scored the ball in a variety of ways, has good size at 6’3 already, and wasn’t afraid of elevating his play on the big stage.  He finished with 16 points and was effective from multiple levels.

2024 Gracynn Gough (Charlotte Catholic): Gough was tremendous in her play; another impressive performance from the forward as she showed it all, filled up the stat sheet, and was incredibly effective in what she provided. She scored the ball well in the paint, moved well without the ball to create opportunities, stepped out to knock down shots, and made high IQ decisions. Was an impressive double-double today.

2026 Ma’Kaela Gidney (Hickory Ridge): Got to give credit to the freshman in this one. She really battled throughout, put her body on the line, was able to create and make plays, and played with a great motor all throughout the game. Took a few battle scars from the game, but she made an impact in a variety of ways.

2025 Jalyn Connor (Mallard Creek): We have known about Connor’s game, and he stepped up when his team needed him in showing his range and three-point shooting. Connor hit a huge three to give them the late lead, but was also effective out in transition, using his speed to get downhill and get to the basket.

2023 Ahmed Jawo (SE Guilford): The unsigned senior is a new one personally from me, but this is a 6’9 forward that could find a way to play at the next level. He was a monster on the boards, racking up 17 rebounds, blocking shots, and being extremely active on both ends. He used his length extremely well and there is a lot to like in what he provides on the floor.

2026 Cameron Newman (Gaston Christian): Newman is going to be one of those point guards you will want to jot down and watch, as he is mature far beyond his years.  He does a great job in leading the charge and being that playmaker on the court.  Newman is able to create space, excel in transition, read the floor well, and not only be a scoring factor but also a facilitator.  Really impressed with the freshman point guard, as he has a chance to be a big name in the coming years.

2024 Gabriel Mabor (Gaston Christian): Getting yet another chance to watch him, Mabor is quickly rising up the ranks with his size, his mobility, his development, and just his sure presence down in the paint on both ends. He is exceptional playing big and long, having nice timing in scoring second-chance points and finishing strong at the rim. But he can also be an animal on the boards; a tremendous difference-maker in that area.

2026 Yohance Conner (1of1): Conner continues to help lead this team; haven’t seen too many players be able to stay with him and keep him in front, as he presents a tough matchup with his burst of speed, his ability to get downhill, and finish extremely well or find ways to get to the line. His downhill ability is big time, as he helped lead his team.

2024 Jayden Harris (Salisbury): What else can you say that hasn’t been said about the big-time prospect?  Harris continues to lead his team in a big way, and steps up when his team needs and the game is on the line.  The 6’6 prospect scored all over, rising over defenders with ease, showing great lift in his shot, and continues to be a huge threat from behind the arc.  And when the game was on the line, he stepped up to get hit the game-winner.

2024 Kyrell Shaw (Northside): You can see that Shaw is just playing with way more confidence compared to last season. Shaw continues to be a huge threat from outside, knocking down shots with distance, showcasing a fluid release, and finding open spots on the court.  But he also can make plays in other areas as well. 

2023 Nick Dorn (Chambers): Dorn is a player I’m trying to understand more… in ways of why he isn’t being targeted by so many schools around the region.  The 6’6 prospect came out red hot and ultimately finished with 18 points, showing his ability to be a three-level scorer. Such a confident release that continues to step up and be that veteran leadership. His blend of athleticism, confident release, and physicality as a player, there is a lot to like about his game.