2022 Nordin Kapic (TSF): Kapic came out strong to start the event and really captured our scouts’ eyes with his tremendous skill set.  Kapic displayed the ability to operate and knock down shots from multiple levels, as well as finish with great touch around the basket at 6’8.  Fluid forward that can operate from multiple areas of the court and has a nice inside-out feel. Displayed his ability to step out and score from three as well.

2022 Joyful Hawkins (North Florida Prep): Hawkins is a familiar face with Phenom Hoops, so it was great to see him back in action.  But it seems like he hasn’t missed a beat with what he provides on the court, as he has such an intriguing blend of athleticism, length/wingspan, and impact on both ends of the court.  He was able to show that and his motor/activity on Day 1.

2022 Victor Panov (DME): Panov has been a known name and he continues to produce and intrigue with his ability and style of play.  Still think he is underrated in what he does and can provide, especially with his fluid feel, his ability to operate in a variety of ways, his ability to put it on the deck and score, and his confident shooting ability. Think he could be a nice steal for a program looking for an unsigned senior.

2022 Tyrell Harris (Virginia PG Academy): Harris captured some eyes with his play today, showing that he can make an impact in an array of ways. He rebounded well, was able to initiate and push in transition at times, and scored effectively in a variety of ways. The wing prospect played strong in helping lead the charge.

2024 Jayden Ford (Bull City Varsity): At 6’9 and looking in his class, Ford is one you may want to monitor to see how he continues to develop and get stronger. But the flashes that he shows early on are intriguing.  Long frame, runs the floor well from end to end, moves well without the ball to make himself available, and provides a presence as a rim-protector early on.

2022 Judah Ravenell (Franklin Prep National): In a convincing win, Ravenell set the tone early on with his ability to knock down shots.  With his strong frame, he brought a physical presence but did a nice job in getting to his spots and scoring from multiple levels, including knocking down multiple threes in the win on Day 1.

2023 Cardel Baily (TLAP Academy): Baily came out strong on Day 1 of the PG Nationals, scoring the ball effectively and often. He finished Day 1 with 29 points to lead his team, really using his 6’6 frame to his advantage, getting in the paint and finishing, creating well for himself, but also finding open spots in the defense.

2022 Massal Diouf (Western Canada): First time seeing the 6’9 big man and we were impressed with the senior. Diouf certainly brings a strong presence to the court, showing off his physical frame down low.  What impressed though was his ability to handle, push the ball in transition, get around defenders, and also finish tough around and at the basket.

2022 Toby Nnadozie (Believe Prep): Nnadozie continues to play at a strong level for his team, as the guard plays bigger than listed, attacking the defense, finding ways to penetrate, and finishing well around the basket or getting to the line.

2022 Orlando Lovejoy (1of1 Academy): Lovejoy continues to make his mark here in the state of North Carolina. All he has done here is produce at a high level, especially showing his ability to score the ball. For his size, he plays incredibly strong, bullying defenders around, getting into the paint, and creating for himself but also making right reads. Really do believe a school could get a nice steal at the guard position with Lovejoy.