2025 Miles Leaks (Panthers): When you watch a freshman prospect like Leaks, you have to look for the flashes in his potential.  Leaks showed that on several occasions, showing that he understands the game, plays under control and at a terrific pace, and that he possesses the IQ.  He plays his game, gets to his spots to score, and doesn’t force anything, playing well within the offense.  One to keep an eye on for sure.

2024 Quay Watson (Beatties Ford Rd): Watson continues to be a young guard that produces and catches our attention.  He started off his day well, scoring the ball effectively for a 5’10 guard, knocking down shots with ease, and uses his quickness and shifty game to create well for himself. 

2024 Paul McNeil (Richmond Jammers): It is no surprise to find this young man on the list of standouts so early.  One of the top players in the state for his class, McNeil continues to show flashes and put up big numbers to help his team.  Not only does he produce but it is how he produces, scoring any way he wants, from all levels, and with ease.  Such a talented young prospect coming up in NC.

2022 Evan Ashe (Raleigh’s Finest): Ashe is simply one of those guards that continues to produce in an array of ways but still flies under the radar at times in NC.  Yes, he brings terrific athleticism to the floor but he was showing more of his outside game, knocking down three’s with a ton of confidence as well.  Strong showing before starting the high school season.

2022 Cole Sinclair (WS Christian PG): Sinclair continues to show how big of an offensive threat he can be.  It will be interesting to see how this team operates with him helping lead the way offensively, especially with his outside shooting.  He continued to show that outside game throughout for his team on Day 1.

2023 Darius Abraham (U Boyz): Liked what I saw from the rising junior, as Abraham plays with such a competitive edge and with a physical attitude on the court. He embraces contact, creates well for himself, and has such a competitive edge to his game on the floor.  Really going to help his team this season in several areas.

2022 Tajuan and Takai Simpkins (Liberty Heights): Really not sure what else I need to say about these two athletic guards.  They may be some of the most underrated prospects in the state with how they operate, how athletic they can be, how they can create for themselves, are terrific in transition, and are such terrific playmakers on the court.  It continues to be said and will be until they get the recognition they deserve.

2022 Gerasim Bordin (WS Christian Regional): Borodin is a 6’5, bruising type of prospect that did a nice job in showing his ability to step out and spread the floor with his outside game.  When you look at him first, he brings more of the frame that can help battle down low but did a solid job with his outside shot on Day 1.

2022 Jaden Ford (Bull City Prep PG Charlotte): A new name to watch in the 2022 class, as Ford (who comes from Atlanta) brings a long 6’9 frame, one that moves extremely well, and really caught our eyes with his overall skillset offensively. He knocked down a few threes early on but also was extremely active in the paint and running the floor. Love his presence on both ends of the court.

2023 Freddie Dilione (Word of God): Dilione continues to impress and be a true leader on the floor.  What I think I’ve seen more is that toughness that he brings to go along with his competitive nature. At his size and his ability to play on and off the ball, Dilione continues to elevate his player and show why he is one of the top players in his class. 

2024 Chase Daniel (Team Force): Daniel was special on Day 1, especially in Game 1.  He was all over the place, moving well without the ball, finding open space for easy baskets, creating well for himself off the dribble, showcasing his IQ and feel, and being aggressive on the floor as he went for 26 points in Game 1.