2022 Elijah Jamison (Liberty Heights): Jamison, who is still one of the top unsigned seniors in the state of North Carolina, really showcased his ability to lead the charge for his team. He played at a great pace, got out in transition, knocked down shots from multiple levels, and really controlled the game as a point guard should. He finished the game with 16 points, hitting a few threes, getting into the lane, and also sharing the ball as well.

2022 Ryan Prather Jr (Liberty Heights): I'm excited to see what the Akron commit will be able to do at the next level.  From when he came to Liberty Heights to today, he continues to show his impact on the floor on both sides.  Prather continues to show he is a key piece on the court, especially with his ability to stretch the floor and use his 6'5 body on both ends.

2023 Jakel Powell (NC GBB): It may have been a tough day for NC GBB, but you continue to see the flashes from 2023 Jakel Powell.  Powell displayed a nice ability to put the ball on the deck, use his 6'5 frame to his advantage, knocking down shots but also staying aggressive and getting to the line. He finished leading his team with 12 points.

2023 Mayar Wol (Moravian Prep): Wol continues to bring a ton of intrigue and think more college coaches will be heading is way. He continues to develop his overall feel, breaking down defenders, getting to the rack, spotting up from outside, and attacking the boards.

2022 Hamilton Campbell (Moravian Prep): He does what a point guard is supposed to do. He controls the game, plays at his pace, and creates well in transition as well as in the halfcourt.' What you have to love about his game though is his elite vision and ability to set his teammates so well, something he has showing every time he is on the court.

2022 Shane Fernald (Lake Norman Christian): The senior finishes off a great career, helping lead the charge for Lake Norman. Fernald always brings tremendous leadership to the court and plays so hard.  At the forward position, his ability to score and be active around the basket, as well as his vision to make the extra pass makes a big difference on the floor.

2024 Braylhan Thomas (Combine Academy): Thomas is really starting to showcase his potential on the court, as the sophomore is stepping up more, being more effective on the court, and displaying his ability to score with his 6'5 frame. His outside game continues to improve, showing off his confident shot from three but also putting the ball on the deck and playing strong.

2022 Patrick Wessler (Combine Academy): Wessler continues to show why he is one of the premier bigs around.' Yes, he continues to be strong and finish well in the paint but what you have to love more is his vision, his awareness on the court, his ability to find his teammates, and being a defensive presence as well.

2024 Lewis Walker (WS Christian): Walker continues to simply produce, that is what he does and has shown all year long. He can be relentless on the court, playing with such a great motor, finding ways to get the ball in his hands, and finishing so well around the paint but also displaying a very intriguing skillset in handling the ball as well.

2022 Camian Shell (WS Christian): The unsigned senior point guard continues to show that he can be an effective guard at the next level. Absolutely love his feel and presence on the court, operating well in the halfcourt, pushing in transition and creating for himself, and also just being that scrappy guard that is relentless.

2022 Takai Simpkins (Liberty Heights): There isn't too much else that can be said about the senior guard as he and his brother has produced all year long. Takai though continued to display his explosive game on the court, finish tough around and at the rim, and be that playmaking guard he has always been for Liberty Heights.

2022 David Wilkerson (Liberty Heights): The unsigned senior stepped up in a big way here for Liberty Height, effectively scoring the ball, being aggressive, and putting the ball on the deck to score or get to the line, and being incredibly active on both sides of the court.

2022 Po'Boigh King (Word of God): King can be a game-changer on the court for Word of God, as he can be that scoring guard from the perimeter. He continues to show that when he is clicking and feeling his shot, he makes this Word of God team very tough.  King did that today on Day 1, displaying his quick trigger and ability to score from all levels of the court.

2023 Freddie Dilione (Word of God): Dilone has been special all year long and he continued his strong play at the Hoop State Championship. With his blend of size, skill, and versatility on the court, Dilione can be a tough matchup.  He understands how to fill up a stat sheet, make plays for himself, get others involved, and is strong on the boards.