2022 Jackson Holt (Moravian Prep): When you talk about one of the top shooters in the class and in all of North Carolina, you have to include Jackson Holt on that list and he may be No. 1.  He showed why to start the event off, as he stepped in, showed extreme confidence, and has such a fluid and smooth shot, as he knocked down nine 3-pointers in the game.

2024 Hampton Evans (Greenfield): Evans led the charge for Greenfield, not settling for much outside and showing his ability to get to the basket and finish well around defenders.  Evans moved well without the ball and played with a smooth feel to the game. Still only part of the 2024 class, Evans continues to elevate his play and be a leader for this team.

2022 Aaron Murphy (Greenfield): Though it was a tough game, still was impressed with the effort that Murphy played with on the court but he has consistently shown that. At 6’4, he plays much bigger and stronger than his listed size, being a physical presence in the paint, embracing contact, and willing to mix it up on the boards as well.

2025 Eli Ellis (Moravian Prep): You have to appreciate what Ellis does at his age.  He continues to become a more complete player on the floor with his ability to create, his ball-handling, his ability to find teammates and set them up, and then have that takeover ability in creating any shot that he wants.  Ellis is special, there is no doubt about it, and continues to play at a high level.

2023 Elijah Strong (Myers Park): Elijah fit his name tonight… he was a strong presence both down low in the paint but showed off his skillset from the perimeter.  Down low, Strong displayed good footwork with the ability to finish through contact.  But as a 6’8 forward with a strong built, he also is very skilled and confident from the perimeter with the ability to step out and be a threat from three as well.

2024 Sir Mohammed (Myers Park): Mohammed continues to blossom as a prospect. We saw the potential in his game and he has only continued to exceed those expectations.  Now becoming an even better ball-handler and one that can initiate the offense, making strong good decisions on the floor, it is hard to slow down someone at his size leading the charge.  That goes on top his offensive skill set to score in a variety of ways.  Still only scratching the surface though.

2022 Joseph Thompson (South Central): It was a big of a struggle overall for the team offensively; just couldn’t find the bottom of the basket, but Thompson was a bright spot in his ability to showcase his pull-up jumper from multiple levels. He finished the game 4-for-8 from the floor with two 3-pointers as well.  Thompson was effective in getting to his spots or finding openings in the defense to get his shot off.

2023 Freddie Dilione (Word of God): Dilione has improved so much as an overall player in the last year or so, showing his complete game.  He plays with an excellent pace and feel with the ball in his hands, making plays for himself and his teammates, uses his body extremely well, and is strong in getting downhill and towards the basket.  Dilione made some BIG plays late with some big shots, showing that he isn’t afraid of the bright lights.

2024 Zion Walker (The Burlington School): Walker has put together some impressive outings as of late. He is a burst of energy on the floor and is a difference-maker on both sides of the court.  He stepped up big when his team needed, hitting shots from the perimeter while also making plays on the defensive end as well.  A scrappy prospect that plays with so much energy and impacts the game on both sides of the floor.

2023 Jakwon Moore (Word of God): Moore was able to really demonstrate how he can be a physical bully on the court.  He brings such a strong presence to the court with his college-ready frame and he uses it very well, physically out-working opponents on the boards, finishing through contact, and getting to the line.  With his athleticism and strength, it is hard to keep him away from the basketball, as he can fill up the stat sheet.

2023 Michael Nwoko (The Burlington School):  Nwoko continues to make his presence well known in the paint, as the physical forward brings such a strong presence down in the post.  He can overpower opponents, embraces contact, and uses his length to get on the boards with his strong hands.  He has only continued to get better in his short time at TBS and the future looks bright for this rising 2023 big man.

2022 Cooper Hawk (First Flight): First Flight has always been known for their perimeter shooting but 6’7 Cooper Hawk provided positive minutes and a solid interior presence for his team.  He stayed active around the post, attacked the boards, and really made his opponent be aware of his presence in the paint. Nice touch, ran from spot to spot in the post, and showed nice touch.

2023 Isaac Dobie (First Flight): One of the leaders for this group, Dobie (along with his brother Mason) was a huge factor in opening up the defense and making his opponents pay from three much like he has shown quite often.  But he also was able to get into the paint off the dribble and make plays for others, as Dobie plays with a terrific feel and IQ, along with his shot selection.

2022 TJ Ragland (Henderson Collegiate): Ragland is a competitor on the court.  He did a very good job in putting the pressure on the defense, attacking the defense in transition, and getting to the basket.  Has good body control and showcases good athleticism as well.  Ragland was aggressive throughout, created well off the bounce, and finished strong.