2025 Aubrey Phanton (First Flight Girls): Phanton has had a great start to the season, showing just how productive she can be in scoring and being on the boards.  She continued to show her impact on the court in this game, being strong on the boards, carving out space and showing active hands on the glass, and being able to finish well with touch in the paint.

2025 Elizabeth Fairbanks (Cape Hatteras Girls): Fairbanks quickly catches your eye with her 6’2 frame as a young forward, and she used that to her advantage whenever she was on the court. Still developing her offensive feel on the court, Fairbanks made her presence felt all over the boards, securing the boards on the defensive end and creating second-chance opportunities offensively.

2024 Kaleb Spencer (Manteo): Spencer is a new name to jot down and start learning, as the 6’6 forward has had a strong start to the season and is an intriguing, still developing big.  He moves well in running the floor and shows a nice feel down in the post as well. Liked the activity I saw from him, using his wingspan to attack the boards, while also running out and finishing at the rim countless times on Thursday night. If I was a college program, he would be a name I would check out more.

2024 Tyler Whitehurst (Riverside-Martin): The 6’0 junior guard came out firing early on, just giving everyone a glimpse of what he has shown countless other times on the court.  He has a smooth confident shot from deep, as he hit multiple threes in the game. But he also has a shifty game in being able to create and pass. 

2023 Shamir Basnight (Riverside-Martin): Basnight may have not filled it up offensively, but this senior guard just seemed to be everywhere on the floor. Every time you looked up, he was making plays and creating offensively, getting after it defensively, fighting for loose balls, helping out on the boards, and just playing with a ton of energy.  Have to respect a player that competes in all areas of the court.

2023 Damien Hicks (Currituck County): Hicks is an undersized forward for his team but he competed when he was on the court, using his athleticism to help and attack the boards but also finish strong and be active offensively in the paint. Really liked his energy level and his overall impact for his team.

2026 Jamie Dance (Currituck County): Only a freshman, Dance got plenty of playing time and with the flashes he showed, he could be a name to look out for as he continues to develop his overall feel for the game.  The 6’0 guard was able to make plays out in transition, made several hustle plays, has good court awareness, and made several impact plays. Rising well to the occasion as a freshman.

2023 Jordan Marsh (Moravian Prep): This being our second viewing of Marsh this year, the senior guard continues to produce at a big level. Marsh is just so quick with his first step and his ability to create, getting by defenders with ease, getting inside the paint, and being a playmaker all over the floor. Does a nice job in creating for his team but being forceful as a scorer as well.

2023 Michael Ojo (Moravian Prep): The Siena commit opened up some eyes with what he was able to show on Day 1 at the event.  The 6’7 forward not only continued to be explosive and active in several areas of the court, but he showed that he has the ability to stretch the floor with his outside game but also put it on the deck and get to the rim. Liked his overall activity on the court.

2023 Kamari Vinson (Peninsula Catholic) The 6’3 prospect played bigger than listed and really came out to compete on the court. He is able to be effective from many areas on the floor, and did a nice job getting to his spot to knock down open shots from three but also be strong inside the arc and active on the boards.