2024 Reece Ketron (GATA): The 6’9 forward was a nice presence down in the paint for his team, using his length well to his advantage and staying engaged on the floor.  The forward moves well, running the floor on both ends, getting to his spots in the post, showing a nice feel with his back to the basket, and being extremely active on the boards.  He created multiple second-chance opportunities for his team, while keeping the ball high and showing nice touch.

2023 Tyrese Melo (Run the Citi): Melo continues to be a name that pops up and is one that has college coaches buzzing around, as he put on another strong display in front of programs on Sunday.  You can’t help but love this kids smooth nature on the floor, while also being a big-time shot maker.  Whether it is creating with the dribble to find his pull-up or getting to his spots off the ball for his shot, Melo continues to show his ability to score the ball.

2023 Jamarcus Wilkins (Upward Stars Upstate): Continue to see the progress this young man has made over the years, as he has increased his activity level as well as be more assertive down in the paint on both ends.  Wilkins continues to make his presence felt on the boards and use his length/athleticism to alter shots, but you also can see his much-improved feel in the post and showing more his feel as a true forward.

2023 Brock Rose (Team Synergy): Going up against big-time competition, Rose elevated his play and performed well.  He has a very quick release and is always ready to get his shot off, whether it is spotting up or even in transition.  He relies on his pull-up game and shows a confident shooting motion, as he can knock down jumpers from multiple areas of the floor.  Rose also moves well without the ball in his hands.

2024 Jason Asemota (Run the Citi): We know he made our standout list on Day 1 but Asemota’s performance and showing on Day 5 was even more impressive, as he was putting on a show in front of big-time programs.  The 6’9 prospect moves and operates like a guard at times, getting to whatever spot he wants on the floor, showing his range and big-time shot-making ability, and his relentless motor on the court. When dialed in, there aren’t many that are going to slow him down, as he can score however

2026 Junior Smith IV (Team Charlotte): Smith is a name that you will want to jot down and start watching early, because he has put on a show all weekend long. Getting a chance to watch him, Smith can absolutely fill it up, being a big shotmaker from outside but also showing a great understanding of the game and how to get his own shot.  Has put on a show at the Rock Hill, putting on some impressive scoring performances.

2025 Jordan Watford (Upward Stars): Another name that impressed early and did so once again, Watford continues to elevate his ranking in my eyes.  What amazes me about his game is his ability to impact the game in so many ways, whether it is leading the offense as a point guard, seeing the floor, creating and getting downhill, hustling on the boards, and making his presence felt on both ends.  There is still room to grow in some areas, but this young man checks off a lot of boxes early on.

2023 Cole Callaway (Riptide): It was another strong showing all weekend long for Callaway, as he led the charge once again on the final day.  It has been great to watch the young man develop and grow as a player, as he continued to show his balanced offensive game, knocking down shots, being strong with the ball, making plays off the dribble, and making high-IQ plays.  He had a great week overall and should only gain more traction after this summer.