2024 Keenan Wilkins (Charlotte Royals): Wilkins certainly did turn it up a notch in the second half, as he scored 21 of his 24 points to lead his team to a victory.  The quick guard made timely plays, especially off the dribble, and used his speed to get by defenders and finish with touch around the basket, but also continue to show his unlimited range with his jumper.  A 2024 guard that really can fill it up in a hurry.

2024 Tyler Showalter (BSA Supreme): Showalter has just improved time after time watching him this summer. The 6’6 prospect has continued to elevate his play and add more to his game, but continues to showcase his ability to knock down jumpers from multiple levels on the floor.  Has a smooth shot and with his size, he does a terrible job in scoring over defenders, but also continues to add more to his overall feel to the game.

2023 Darius Kane (NC Team Disciples): Kane has been a well-known name throughout the state of North Carolina, and he is coming into the Coach Rick TOC looking to prove himself even more.  Kane continues to be a strong presence on the floor, as the guard brings a strong leadership, playmaking skills, and that gritty mentality to the court.  Kane continues to showcase his downhill ability, ability to finish tough shots, and through contact. 

2023 Patrick Tivnan (Team HOPE): Tivnan has had one of the best weeks so far at the event, as college coaches continue to flock his way and for Team HOPE.  The 6’8 forward though has yet to find an opponent to slow him down, as the skilled forward has tremendous footwork in the post and finds creative ways to finish with touch around the basket or get fouled.  But what makes him so unique is the footwork outside, as he is capable of knocking down shots but also uses his ability to put it on the deck and get around his defenders.  His ability to stretch the floor is fun to watch.

2023 Nicholas Dorn (Anthony Morrow): It was the first day for 2023 Nick Dorn and he came out firing away.  He is a well-known shooter on the floor and he continues to display a terrific ability in spotting up, finding openings in the defense, and showing off his smooth confident release, as well as his improving overall game.  He can mix it up offensively with his ability to score in a variety of ways but can be a game-changer from deep.

2022 Moise Balungu (North Florida Elite): Balungu has been a strong presence all week long, really using his big-frame and physicality to get downhill time after time, with no opponent looking to get in the way.  He was relentless in penetrating and getting into the paint, finding ways to get the ball on the rim and finishing well.  Balungu was assertive with his driving, but also made his presence and activity well-known on the defensive end as well.

2024 Christian Andrews (Upward Stars): Andrews continues to flourish as a point guard on the court. With his ball-handling, quickness, and shiftiness, he does a great job in creating and getting around defenders to make plays, but he really also showed his ability to make opponents pay when they leave him open, as he went off four 6 3-pointers in one game.  Such a playmaking point guard on the court and a fun one to watch.