2023 Jordon Nevill (Team HOPE 2023 Chris): Nevill came in with a reputation as a shooter and he showed that once again, really being one of the most consistent threats from outside at the event.' He has an effortless shot from three and has the ultimate green light; but he also display good decision-making, found the open spots, got out in transition well, and scored in other areas of the floor. Very balanced offensive attack from the 2023 guard.

2025 Dashaun McKoy (Carolina Rockets): McKoy really opened my eyes with his play, as this young man was making plays all over the place on both ends of the court. He has terrific athleticism to his game, as the high-flyer used that to not only block multiple shots in transition, but also finish at the rim.' McKoy played with such a great motor, as he just had his hands in everything, attacking the defense to get to the line, and making plays at the rim.

2025 Jordan Watford (Upward Stars): Watford is going to be a name that I think you will be hearing a lot more down the road.' The kid is something special to watch, as the 6'3 prospect checks off so many boxes early on and I can't wait to see how he continues to develop. But his motor, his work ethic, his defensive presence, his long wingspan, his ability to create and get downhill, and his ability to finish around defenders and get on the boards' all things that have to capture your eyes with his game.

2025 Tristan Thompson (Upward Stars): Thompson is another player in South Carolina to look out for in the 2025 class.' He presents great size but can be used in so many ways on the floor, as well as be a player that can operate/defender multiple positions.' He has the frame of a young forward but a versatile skillset that allows him to score inside and out.'

2023 Anthony Breland (Team EAT): Breland has been a common name on this list of standouts but what he has shown at this event is that he can go get his own shot and create very well for himself.' With his sturdy 6'4 frame, Breland has no problem going downhill and getting to the basket, finishing strong through defenders, but also creating for himself in other ways.' Has continued to fill it up all week long and we don't see him slowing down any time soon.

2024 Jason Dickerson (All Carolina): Dickerson was a new name that grabbed my attention, as he is a tough, gritty guard that made play after play. Really liked his burst of speed with the ball in his hands, showing a quick first step and penetrating, but also showing that he can step out and be a threat from the perimeter as well.

2025 Hayes Oxendine (Go Hard): Oxendine continues to be a favorite of mine.' Watching him this high school season, he impressed and it seems that he has only continued to elevate his game even more.' He is terrific in finding his spots on the court and being a big threat from outside, shooting a fluid shot with a ton of range, but he also plays extremely smart on the floor, making right decisions, smart passes, and being a leader.