2023 Cooper Marcum (Team HOPE Laney): Marcum is a very intriguing prospect, as the two-sport athlete has shown that he can be effective on the field and on the court. Fresh off a football offer, Marcum had a terrific Day 2 at the Coach Rick TOC, as he really showed his leadership on the court. Whether it was his ability to be a ballhandler, play with a physical presence, create and get inside, or step out, Marcum really showed how effective he can be on court as well.

2023 Joseph Lezeau (Florida Suns): As a 6’6 prospect, Lezeau is an intriguing one from down in Florida.  At his size, it makes it difficult to defend especially with his ability to be used and operate from multiple positions on the floor. He has the handles and skillset of a guard, creating and getting around defenders, but also be a presence down low in the paint.

2024 Kaiden White (North Florida): White is a name that should be one to watch more down the road. The 6’1 guard was exceptional in creating with the dribble, changing directions, getting his defenders off-balance, and being shifty to get to the basket. But he also could be a deadly presence from outside, really mixing up his offensive arsenal on the floor.  White is one to jot down and keep an eye on for sure.

2024 Jordan Durham (Team PUSH NC): Durham continues to lead the charge for this Team PUSH team, using his 6’4 frame to continue to get downhill, finish through contact, and make plays around the basket.  His ability to handle and create, along with his size makes him intriguing to watch, and he continues to make strides with his outside game.

2023 Caleb Cothron (Stars Basketball): Stars had a great game to end the day and Cothron was really feeling it with his outside shot.  Time after time, he was able to get to his spots, spot up, and display his confident shooting motion from deep, as he finished with 21 points to end the day.

2023 TJ Kolbe (Stars Basketball): Kolbe was the other catalyst on the team that really filled it up, scoring in a variety of way, scoring inside and out and from multiple levels.  Kolbe was effective in moving without the ball and finding opening the defense, as well as spotting up and showing his range with his jumper.  He mixed it up quite well to lead his team with 28 points.