2023 Samyha Suffren (Cannon): Suffren was impressive with her presence on the court.  It is easy to see why schools have been targeting her for the class of 2023.  She displayed a tremendous skill set, especially in creating for herself and she is a dynamic scorer from many levels and in an array of ways. Handles the ball well, plays at a great pace, and displays a feel and IQ for the game. She picks her spots well, whether it is attacking and showing her shiftiness with the ball in her hands or a smooth, confident jumper.

2024 Gracynn Gough (Charlotte Catholic): Gough played extremely tough and with a ton of energy.  Multiple times, she finished strong around the basket and was able to back that up with getting to the line. Gough moved well without the ball, picked and popped out, and was a force on the boards, eventually finishing with 15 points and 14 rebounds in the win.

2022 Brandon Lavitt (Charlotte Latin): One of the senior leaders for this Charlotte Latin team, he brings the physical presence to the floor and is relentless with his effort.  He embraces contact and finishes extremely well through it, always is looking to make plays, and gets on the boards. Love his leadership and his toughness, as he makes a ton of winning plays for his team.

2022 Evan Smith (Ardrey Kell): Smith is the clear leader of this team and he continues to show just how effective he can be on the floor, whether it is finding his teammates and running the offense or being more of a scoring threat.  Smith does an excellent job in creating for himself and scoring from all levels.  He also plays with patience, picks his spots, and is such a smart player leading the way.  Expect him to have a big year for Ardrey Kell.

2022 DJ Nix (Cannon): Nix and Karon Boyd put on another strong performance again.  Nix though is interesting to watch with how he can be used on the floor.  At 6’6, Nix can play an array of positions and be effective in all of them, whether it is initiating the offense and being a primary ball-handler, using his body to battle down low or get on the boards, or simply showing how he can operate off the ball and knock down shots. A lot to like about his game and how he could be used at the next level.

2022 Quave Propst-Allison (Providence Day): I will say that Riley Allenspach had a very strong performance on Day 2, leading the way offensively but was also impressed with what senior guar Propst-Allison showed as well. He was effective in initiating the offense, stayed aggressive but picked his spots to score, and was very strong as a guard on the boards, racking up nine rebounds in the win. Quave excels in using his quickness and finding ways to penetrate the defense but also liked how he was able to impact the game in other ways also.

2023 Kirsten Lewis-Williams (Lake Norman): Lewis-Williams led the charge in a close game on Day 2, as she showed a great and natural feel with the ball in her hands, creating well and finding ways to get around defenders and penetrate. She stayed aggressive all throughout, despite not the best shooting night, putting the pressure on the defense, getting to the line, and creating for herself and others well. 

2024 Seini Hicks (Chambers): Need to give credit where it is due and 2022 Aaliyah El had a strong showing for Chambers but Hicks’ performance and productivity in 13 minutes of action was impressive. Scored strong around the basket and was seemingly all over the boards on both ends. Really liked her production level and effort on both sides of the court in the minutes that were provided for her.

2022 Patrick Wessler (Combine Academy): Wessler put on ANOTHER strong performance and he had to work for this victory on Day 2. But once again, he showed just how dominant of a piece he can be on the court. In a big-time matchup, Wessler displayed great feel and instincts around the basket, made it tough for opponents to score around the basket as he made himself a big wall, and was all over the boards.  Just another big-time performance, as he showed why he is one of the top bigs in the country.

2023 Jaylen Curry (JL Chambers): He started out slow but started to really come on, allowing himself to make plays on the defensive end and turning that into easy points in transition. Curry also knocked down some tough shots from the perimeter. He ended up leading the charge with 25 points in an absolute thriller of a game, stepping up on both sides of the ball in key situations.