2022 Cinque Lemon (Liberty Heights): One thing about this Liberty Heights team, on any night they can have someone step up and lead the charge. On Day 1, it was 2022 Cinque Lemon that stepped up for his team. Lemon continued to show what he has shown over and over; the ability to knock down shots from multiple levels with a confident jumper.  But what was also impressive was the double-double he secured, racking up 10 rebounds as well to go with his 15 points.

2023 Derek Bradley (Westminster Catawba): The sturdy point guard played incredibly well on Day 1 at the Carmel Tip-Off.  The point guard was relentless in leading the charge, scoring the ball effectively and in an array of ways, picking his spots to attack and finish strong but also hitting big shots from deep in critical moments.  What also has to grab some attention is even though he is a guard, he was really strong in rebounding.  Loved his assertive play.

2022 MJ Collins (Westminster Catawba): The Virginia Tech commit started out slow but started to turn it on in the second half, showing just how big of a shot-maker he is.  He has shown that he is one of the top scorers with his jump shot, making difficult shots look easy and creating just enough space for his high release.  Add on top of that his athleticism, ability to throw down some thunderous dunks, and his dog-like mentality, this is looking to be a strong season for the young man.

2023 Collin Tanner (Wayne Country Day): We are going to tell you now; this looks to be the breakout type season for Tanner and his recruitment should really take off. Going for 25 points to lead his team, Tanner is a versatile 6’6 prospect that operates and can impact the court in an array of ways. Whether it is his shot-making ability, scoring down low in the paint, creating for himself, or helping on the boards, Tanner has that lead-dog in him and showed he can get what he wants where he wants.

2022 Patrick Wessler (Combine Academy): Wessler might have had the performance of the night… the 7-footer took a few minutes to get going but once he did, he absolutely dominated the game.  Being all over the boards and racking up 19 total rebounds, while also showing touch and composure, using his size to his advantage, he finished with 31 points to lead the way.  It seems that Virginia Tech has themselves a dynamic duo coming in!

2022 Daniel Lubamba (Northside Christian): There are coaches and programs out there that can use a Lubamba on their team.  A college-ready body, this young man just makes plays in an array of ways. He isn’t flashy, just goes about his business, playing strong, embracing contact, making those hustle plays, and playing hard-nosed defense as well.  Understands his role and really plays hard on both ends of the court.

2022 Logan Threatt (Carmel Christian): It was going to be interesting to see what Threatt could provide to this team and we learned quickly.  With the style that this team plays at, Threatt is an effective guard that can help run the show and gets his teammates involved but also bring a terrific scoring factor to the floor.  With his quickness, he can get by defenders but also pull-up and knockdown shots. Scored in a variety of ways on Day 1.