2024 6’3 Brandon Smith and 2023 6’6 Nicholas Davis (Elevation Prep): Both young prospects that are newer names to Phenom Hoops but they impressed with their length and versatility, scoring on multiple levels and finishing at the rim. Two guys to keep an eye on.

2022 6’1 Robert Seymour (Elevation Prep): Seymour did a tremendous job in attacking and scoring the ball, hitting tough shots, getting out in transition, and finishing strong through defenders. 

2021 Nick Green (Team ELI): Green’s ability to knock down shots and his confidence continues to improve each time we see him play.  He has been assertive throughout the HoopState League, driving the ball well but being a multi-level threat on offense.

2022 6’3 Sam Cogan (HoopKlip): Cogan is just a high IQ, smart scoring guard that can fill up the scoresheet in multiple ways.  He attacked downhill, putting the pressure on defenses and getting to the free-throw line.  Continues to be a leader on the court.

2022 Dakota Gordon (Team Wall HS): Gordon had a clip on him from the perimeter, knocking down 8 3-pointers for his team and showing off his confidence and range from the floor.

2024 6’5 Cameron McKinney (Elite 1): McKinney continues to produce on the court, as the young man has had an excellent fall as far as production and efficiency on the court.  He finished today with another 20+ point game but that is becoming pretty regular for this young man

2022 6’4 Silas Demary (Chris Clemons Elite): With players missing early on, it was time for Demary to step up with his ability to score, and that he did, finishing with 19 points.  He was aggressive and got to the line consistently in the first half while showing his ability to score from outside in the second half.