2022 5’11 Ladarien McCree (1-Carolina 2022)(Black): True leader and floor general on the court. Plays with patience, reads what the defense gives him, and either attacks to create scoring opportunities or dish to open teammates.

2023 6’7 Tydreiz Coleman (1-Carolina 2022)(Black): Coleman is a long, wiry but young forward that moves well and can defend inside and along the perimeter.  Showed nice touch and mobility, along with nice hands around the rim.

2021 6’5 D’Marco Dunn (Garner Road): Dunn was tremendous once again, scoring 21 points for his team.  He smoothly operated effortlessly in getting to the rim while also continuing to be a knockdown shooter from the perimeter.  In the last two games, he has had a nice mixture in how he has attacked and scored the ball.

2022 6’10 Brandon Huntley (BMaze Elite): Huntley can play almost all five spots on the floor.  He has a unique blend of skillset with his handles, feel for the game, perimeter shooting, and ability to score off the dribble.  Today, he matched up with small defenders and showed his feel in the post, displaying good footwork and squaring up to the basket.

2023 6’3 Jaydon Young (Team CP3): When you talk about the 2023 class, Young has to be in the discussion as one of the top players.  He plays with great instincts on the court, shoots the ball well from three, and just has natural touch on the court with understanding of how to play the game.

2022 6’8 Asa White (Garner Road 3SSB 16u): Another day in which he was extremely productive, scoring 22 points around the rim, using his length and quickness to his advantage.  Really showing more aggression and ability to finish well.  Active on both ends and showing confidence in operating in the post.