2025 Elijah Melton (Sandhills): Melton simply continues to be a name that pops up with his play. You can't help but want to go to battle with this young man, because he is going to be that physical force that you love to have on the floor. A bruising forward that plays hard, battles constantly on the boards, embraces contact, and knows how to be extremely productive. Underrated prospect here in NC in my opinion.

2025 Dylan Deluca (Warriors): Deluca has had a very good overall weekend; he displayed a strong presence on the floor, operated and moved in a variety of ways, and did a nice job in being a presence around the basket. He finished well, used his length to his advantage, and was an efficient weapon both on Day 2 and Day 3.  Love also how he has expanded his game as well on the court.

2025 John Lash (CP3): Lash is one of those guys that simply produces and does what is needed for his team. He had a monster high school season, being a double-double physical prospect and he brings that same toughness to CP3. With his toughness, ability to be in the right place at the right time, and his overall work ethic on the court, Lash is one that you simply just want to have on your team. He came up big on Day 3 on several occasions.

2026 Jack Siegel (CC Elite): Siegel has really been elevating his play over the last few weeks, and had a great showing on Day 3.  He is a high IQ guard that knows how to take advantage of small openings, create well for himself, and also hurt you big time with his range.  He was knocking down shots all over the court, including six 3-pointers to help his team to a big win.

2026 Malik McCotter (Team EAT): McCotter is one that has really played well and consistent over the weekend.  To end the day, he really looked to be assertive and doing so from all levels on the floor.  He continues to put a ton of pressure on the defense to slow him down but does a great job in getting inside or getting to the line.  He is a quick, shifty guard that does an exceptional job in creating.

2024 Stephen Quinn (Team Charlotte): Quinn has been a name we have talked about quite a few times, and each time we mention his name, you have to discuss his ability to change the game with his outside shooting.  Elite range, quick release, and confident shooter is the name of the game for him, and once he gets past halfcourt, he will let it fly.  He ended his day with eight 3-pointers for his team.

2024 Brandon Smith (Grindhouse): Good to see Smith back in action, and he had a great showing on Day 3 here in Rock Hill.  When you talk about his game, Smith has a lot of tools that you like with his length and his size, and today he was really aggressive in attacking the basket.  Time after time, he was able to put it on the deck, get to the rim, or get fouled (hit several free throws today). A sneaky prospect that you should continue watching, Smith opened up eyes on Day 3.

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