Will Kelly

2022 Will Kelly (Rod Howard Select): Kelly is such a high IQ, scoring threat on the floor. You just have to love his composure and how he reads and sees defenses, can score on multiple levels, and is a team-first kind of guy.  Such a smooth jumper as well to his game.

2022 6’7 Doug Smith (Rod Howard Select): Smith is an intriguing prospect to watch with his length, versatility, and athleticism. He is a skilled wing that excels in the open court and out in transition, finishing well at the rim but can step out as well.

2022 5’11 Joey Tindale (Team Knicks): Tindale led the charge scoring the ball effectively, showing that he has terrific range on his shot and can be a threat in several areas on the court.  He knocked down multiple three-pointers to start his day, really carrying the load offensively.

2021 Cedrek Mangum (Charlotte Guards): Mangum was a crafty, shifty guard that put pressure on the defense with his ability to step out or attack and penetrate the lane with the dribble. He showed a nice balance of aggressiveness and getting to the line but also knocking down shots from outside.

2022 6’5 Griffin Green (WNC Big Cats 17u): Green is an intriguing prospect and one that is flying a little under the radar.  Good size, can play and impact the floor in multiple areas, shot the ball inside and out, and surprised us with his athleticism.

2023 Aden Holloway (NLPB): What can you say about this young man. He is gifted beyond his years and his ability to create for himself, reading what the defense gives him, and makes them pay in a variety of ways.  He makes it look so easy and is such a gifted guard with the ball in his hands.

2023 Marcus Brown (NLPB): Brown continues to grow his game, already having really good size at his age.  He showed that he can be more aggressive on the court and look for his jumper, an area he excels in on the court.

2022 Chad Napoleon (Hope Christian): First time seeing this young man but he was impressive. Strong, physical guard but did a terrific job in his scoring from every area on the floor. He can take the contact but also take what is given to him, making opponents pay inside and out.