2021 Jordan Wildy (WS Christian): Wildy has been incredibly consistent so far throughout the HoopState Championship, as he brings such a unique versatility to the court with his outside threat from three, his length and size to be able to battle and get on the boards, and his feel around the basket to finish over defenders. Very strong performance so far.

2022 Gerasim Bordin (WS Christian): A new name to keep an eye on as he surprised many with his outside game that helped his team get out to an early lead.  He showed that he can be an outside threat, knocking down multiple threes early on.

2022 Khalil Marshall (WOG): Still think that Marshall is one of the quicker guards in the state, especially with his change of direction and crossover, which helps him attack well off the dribble and get to the line or finish around the rim. 

2022 Jai Smith (WOG): There aren’t too many guys that are going to outwork Smith, as his motor has been noted on several occasions with us. He did it again, as he just moves so well around the court, and brings just a relentless attack, putting the pressure on defenses and getting to the line.

2022 Camian Shell (QEA): Shell continues to play well and is showing why he should be more of a target for schools around the area.  He is a quick guard that really can get into the paint, and is a good finisher, especially for someone his size.  Also can be effective with his mid-range shot.

2023 Trey Green (Storm): Green plays and acts like a veteran on the court.  He plays poised well beyond his grade level and just has an understanding of when to get teammates involved and when to take over, which is what he did in the fourth, really putting the team on his back to win.

2021 Jalen DeLoach (TSF): DeLoach is an absolute beast in this game, scoring in an array of ways, knocking down tough jumpers, finishing strong at the rim, and showing a terrific feel offensively.  He also continues to be a man-child on the boards, much like he did on Day 1.

2021 Christian Wright (TSF): Watching this young man since coming back, you could see that he had high-major written on him. This young man just has a game you absolutely love, the toughness, you want, and is not going to give up on anything.  He was absolutely sensational with 34 points, getting to the rack, battling through contact, and simply helping take over the game. Iona got themselves a great one coming in.

2021 Brandon Murray (IMG): Murray stole the show once again and he is going to be lighting it up soon for LSU.  You just don’t see many prospects with his blend of physical frame, athleticism, and offensive mentality to get a bucket when he wants and how he wants. A special type of player coming to the SEC.

2021 6’11 Charles Bediako (IMG): It started out slow but Bediako came on strong in the second half.  This is still a developing 7-footer but one that can instantly make an impact on offense and defense.  He has really good footwork, moves well with or without the ball, and also provides that wall around the rim with his long arms.