2024 Jozohn Price (Charlotte Aces): It was good to see Price back in action, as it has been a while since seeing him in action. But when you watch his game, you have to like the intrigue of what he brings to the court. He has the size, he moves well, shows strong flashes of being a strong presence in the paint, and can make plays in a variety of other areas.  He will be interesting to watch more this summer.

2025 Julian Johnson (Upward Stars Carolina): Johnson had a strong start to the day, as the 6’7 prospect was a good presence on both sides of the floor. He moves well without the ball, finds open spots, is engaged on the boards, and finishes well around the basket. But he also was able to make his presence felt on the defensive side as well, blocking a few shots as well.

2026 Cody Peck (CC Elite Ford): Peck is going to be a name that you continue to hear more about, as he is such an intriguing prospect with his size, how fluid he operates, and the upside in his game.  Love his length in how he can finish but also his impact on defensively.  Peck runs the floor well, can step out, and uses his size very well to his advantage.

2023 KD Gordon (Carolina Vipers): Gordon had himself a showing to start Day 2, as he went off for 30 points and was assertive all throughout the game. He was extremely effective in getting to the rim and the basket, finishing strong, over defenders, creating off the bounce, and knocking down shots. He was a lethal weapon from inside the arc and transition.

2026 Nick Arnold (Team Charlotte): Arnold is one of my favorite point guards in the class, and one can see that he has only gotten better and stronger over the last few months.  Arnold is the definition of tough; he plays hard, brings a ton of energy, competes on the ball defensively, and isn’t afraid to mix it up either, but he also shows tremendous poise, scoring ability, and control on the offensive end.

2026 Malik Tinsley (Upward Stars 2026): Tinsley had a solid day 1 and backed it well on Day 2.  When you watch his game, Tinsley continues to showcase his ability to create and help run the offense. He did a great job in creating and finding ways to get his teammates involved (especially on Day 1), but he stepped up more as an offensive weapon on Day 2.  Smart, crafty guard down in South Carolina to keep an eye on.

2023 Darius Abraham (Team United Elite): Abraham put everyone on notice to start his weekend, going for 32 points, knocking down 7 3-pointers, and producing in a big way.  The sturdy guard brings a physical presence to the court but did a great job in also knocking down shots from a variety of levels.  Made plays with or without, was strong defensively, and played at a high level throughout the game.

2025 Treyvon Maddox (Upward Stars): You have heard plenty about the rising star down in South Carolina; he is long and explosive, looks to rip the rim off, is excellent in transition, and so much more.  But if a defense plays him to his outside game, he showed that he has worked on his shot more and can hurt you from outside, as he hit multiple threes on Day 2 as well. Really showing how strong he can be all around the floor.

2025 Tre McKinnon (Team Charlotte): McKinnon is another player that is really starting to come into his own, be more aggressive in looking for his offense, and also show more of that potential that we have always talked about.  On Day 2, he did just that with his overall game, whether it was hitting shots from the perimeter more consistently, creating off the dribble and getting to the basket, or finding ways to use his size to his advantage all over the court.