2021 6’5 Sam Ihekwoaba (Scotland Prep): Ihekwoaba is a strong, downhill type of guard that plays well in creating for himself, attacking the paint and finishing strong around the rim.  Crafty, shifty ball-handler to get defenders off-balanced but also plays with a good sense of where to attack a defense.

2021 6’10 Halil Barre (Scotland Prep): Barre is a strong, mobile, and active forward that runs the floor well, brings really good athleticism to the table, and defends well for his size at 6’10.  Really enjoy his motor on the floor that he plays with on both ends.

2021 6’3 Myron Amey (Scotland Prep): Amey was outstanding in this one, really being aggressive with his game and showing his full arsenal when it comes to scoring the ball. Did a tremendous job in allowing his defense help transition into offense, creating multiple turnovers but he also had that mindset to attack downhill and score the ball effectively.

2021 6’8 Taefale Lenard (Link Year): A 6’8, long wing that can make an impact on both sides of the ball. He uses his wingspan incredibly well, creating havoc defensively and play multiple positions but also rising and scoring over defenders from multiple areas on the floor.

2021 6’4 Quaran McPherson (Link Year): Really enjoyed this young man’s game, as the strong guard read the floor very well and attacked what the defense gave him. Whether it was finding and zipping passes around, or attacking off the dribble and finishing through contact, McPherson played well.  He also made plays on the defensive end, getting out in the passing lanes.

2021 6’1 Ga’Khari Lacount (Link Year): The point guard played extremely well and balanced on the floor.  He scored from outside, knocking down s few three’s but also played under control and is someone you want to have the ball in hi hands to make the right decision.  Created well also with his dribble for others.

2021 6’11 Mo Njie (DME): The big man played extremely well on the court. He uses his size well and moves well on the floor.  He showed he can be a strong presence both offensively and defensively in the paint, runs the floor well to get to his spots, and has good hands around the basket.  Defensively, he blocks shots and can be a rim-protector but also can step out and defend along the perimeter.

2021 6’7 Jermontae Hill (DME): Hill passes the eye test as he is listed at 6’7 but looks and plays bigger.  He brings a lot of versatility to the floor, especially with his ability to step out, be another ball-handler that can create for himself, and his ability to defend multiple positions.

2021 6’2 Jordan Battle (Hargrave): Battle is a smart young man on the court.  Makes high IQ plays for himself and for others, sees the floor well, and is incredibly active and always moving to get open. With his strong frame and ability to embrace contact, he doesn’t force much and makes the right play.

2021 6’8 IJ Ezuma (Hargrave): Strong-bodied forward that absolutely battles down in the paint. Big hands and can score inside or step out with his mid-range.  Ezuma is very skilled with size and makes smart decisions on the court.

2021 6’5 Miles Kelly (Hargrave): Kelly is a long prospect that really does a great job in getting to his spots and stretching the floor with his outside shooting.  He showed that, knocking down multiple three’s in the game with confidence.

2021 6’9 Touko Tainamo (DME): Tainamo is an intriguing prospect with his ability to put the all on the deck at his 6’9 size.  Really reads defenders well and makes good decisions with the basketball. Showed that he can operate and score in an array of ways with great touch.