2021 Brandon Murray (IMG): Murray showed it all early and often in this contest. You don’t see many with his blend of size and strength, along with his athleticism and ability to score on all levels of the floor. Played with a ton of confidence today.

2021 6’3 Lynn Greer (IMG): Greer simply played with poise and understanding on the floor.  It looked like the game just slowed down for him on the floor, read the defense well, saw the floor and found his teammates but also scored the ball effectively.

2021 6’7 Cam Tweedy (Olympus): In a tough game, he was the most effective with his 6’7 size and really battled down low and around the paint with the bigs.  He had a tough matchup but really played well in this game finishing with 14 points.

2021 6’3 Christian Wright (TSF): Wright, in my opinion, is going to be a steal for the Iona program. Love his confidence and demeanor on the court, being a nice blend of scoring threat, but also playing with a tremendous IQ.  That doesn’t even mention his ability to be a difference-maker on the defensive end.

2021 6’9 Chase McKey (TSF): Really do believe that McKey gets overlooked with what he can provide with his size, unique skillset, his ball-handling, and ability to operate offensively on multiple levels. He should be a prospect more programs should be on.

2022 6’1 Juan Gorosito (Moravian Prep): Gorosito was deadly from outside, especially with his jumper from behind the arc.  Time after time, he knocked down shots with his smooth release.  Skilled guard with a tremendous IQ and knowledge of the game.

2022 6’8 Jameel Brooks (Moravian Prep): Brooks is a developing big and continues to elevate his game.  He finished strong at the rim, moving well without the ball.  He finished multiple dunks on Day 1 and played with great energy.

2022 Jai Smith (Word of God): Smith did what Smith has always done in the past. He finished strong around the rim, ran the floor, and worked hard on both ends, whether it was playing aggressively or getting on the boards and looking to create opportunities for himself and for his team.