2022 6’1 Nik Graves (Garner Road 3SSB): Has tremendous feel with the ball in his hands. Graves plays with his head up, unselfish attitude, and understands floor spacing.  He also knows when to attack and score when the opportunity is there.

2022 6’7 Charles McClennahan (PSB Elite): A blend of length, size, mobility, and the ability to score on multiple levels, McClennahan has the tools to play at the next level.  Shows a smooth shot with range and can guard multiple positions.

2022 6’7 Avion Pinner (Garner Road 3SSB): Pinner is absolutely tough to matchup up against with his size, mobility, and his skill set.  He has that knack down low on both ends, always getting on the boards, but shows his ability to step out and make plays off the dribble.

2022 6’3 Amare Haynie (Team Eat 16u): Haynie just continues to have a natural feel for the game.  His ability to create separation with his handles, change of direction and pace, is really good.  He just knows how to make plays with the ball in his hands.

2022 6’10 Brandon White (Team Eat 16u): White is a center that moves incredibly well for someone of his size.  He can really be felt on the defensive end, blocking shots and creating havoc in the paint but also shows great touch around the rim.  Can’t help but notice his ability to run the floor as well.

2022 6’8 Trey Ramsey (Team Eat 16u): Ramsey is a tough matchup against anyone with size, especially with his ability to stretch the floor with his fluid shot from mid-range and from three.

2022 6’4 Kheni Briggs (Tea Marie Hoops 16u): Briggs plays with a tremendous blend of strength and looking for contact but also a smooth release with his jumper.  His ability to embrace contact and finish is tough.

2022 6’9 Jai Smith (Tea Marie Hoops 16u): Smith was an absolute monster on Day 1.  What makes him so tough at times is his ability to move all throughout the floor and use his footwork/ quickness against bigger prospects. He was always moving and running the floor, getting from rim to rim.