2022 Elijah Jamison (Liberty Heights): The growth that Jamison has made in showing that he can be a complete point guard.  He continues to do an impressive job in staying aggressive and getting into the paint but also scoring the ball with good, high quality shots.  Plays incredibly strong with the ball and finishes well with his body.

2021 Isaac Farah (Liberty Heights): Really do think people are overlooking what Isaac Farah can provide on the court with his 6’9 frame. He is reminding a little bit of how Jemal Davis’ recruitment went and ended up being on the All-Freshman Team for SC State. Farah brings a nice skillset, can score on many levels, and excels in transition.

2021 Jonas Aidoo (Liberty Heights): Aidoo gave us a little bit of everything on the floor.  Rebounding, shot-blocking, rim protection, and he continues to show his unique ability as a 7-footer to step out and knock down shots… it is why he is such a tough matchup on the court.

2022 Quante Berry (WS Christian): Berry is a unique prospect and one that could be seen used in an array of ways at the next level.  But where he excels is getting downhill and attacking with his 6’4 frame and body control, showing a great ability to get the ball on the rim.

2021 Jordan Wildy (WS Christian): Wildy is just another Iona commit that is going to bring a unique talent to the court, especially with his 6’9 long body that can step out at and knock down the three with confidence but also battle in the paint and get on the boards.

2022 6’5 AJ Smith (Combine): Smith is just an absolute worker on the court, something that any coach would love to have.  He plays with such a strong, physical feel on the court, and is warrior that goes into battle.  He continued to stay aggressive, getting around the basket and to the line.

2021 6’2 Kris Robinson (Combine): Robinson is just a natural leader for this team.  He plays with a great understanding of situations, sees the floor well, makes smart decisions, and really plays a huge role for this team with his shooting. 

2022 Camian Shell (QEA): Shell is such a scrappy guard on the guard and even though he is listed at 5’10, he is relentless in his attack. Does a terrific job in creating off the dribble and seeing the floor, really attacking the basket on Day 1. But he also continued to do what he does best on the defensive end as well.

2021 6’7 Javon Floyd (QEA): Floyd is an athletic prospect that shows a lot of activity and finishes strong around the rim. He gets off the floor quickly and just has a smooth feel for the game. He really impressed with his activity level down low in the first half.

2021 6’8 AJ Allenspach (Storm): Allenspach is just a proven winner and one that is only going to make a team better on the court.  He plays tough and physical, is relentless with his motor, and understands how to step up when his called name is called. Love this young man’s game and finishes strong.

2023 Trey Green (Storm): Green is a proven leader on the court and a floor general. He understands the game incredibly well, is strong with the ball, and has a nice balance of getting players involved but also stepping up and scoring effectively.

2022 LJ Thomas (Bull City Prep): Thomas continues to prove just how prolific of a scorer he can be.  He operates so well on the court, plays with great poise, and just has a knack of scoring so smoothly offensively.  Still think he is an underrated player nationally.

2021 Derrick Butler (Bull City Prep): Butler continues to fly under the radar but he performs well.  He is aggressive on the glass, got downhill, and finished well even through contact.  An underrated prospect that continues to perform.