2021 6'1 Collin Mills (Team Vision NC 17u): Mills was the main scoring threat for Team Vision, showing his ability to score on multiple levels.  Whether it was spotting up from the perimeter with a smooth outside shot, attacking and pulling up with a mid-range shot, or attacking the rim, Mills was able to do it multiple ways.  He doesn't try to force anything on the court and plays with a nice feel for the game.

2021 6'9 Dre Watson (TLBA 17u): Watson made his mark early and continued to show his incredible energy and motor, especially on the glass on both ends.  He is a forward that can operate around the paint, using his quickness and athleticism to his advantage.  But Watson's constant motor on the glass and ability to turn/ push down the court was impressive.

2022 6'7 Anthony Sellars (TLBA 17u): Sellars has tremendous athleticism, finishing in transition at the rim and catching lobs.  He has shown that multiple times in previous tournaments but at the Finale, we got a glimpse of his outside shot, hitting a few three's and his ability to really spread the floor.

2022 6'7 Jeremy Gregory (Team Charlotte): Gregory came out ready to compete and that he did, especially on the glass.  Not always the tallest forward, Gregory's ability to keep the ball alive, tip it to himself, and continuing to show his work in running the floor can be seen.  He showed it all on Day 1, especially with his dominance on the boards.

2023 6'2 Jaylen Curry (Anthony Morrow Elite): Curry continues to be special with his blend of speed, his ability to create off the dribble and finish at the rim, and also to find his open teammates in the right space.  He really makes tough passes make much easier and has tremendous timing in delivering those passes, especially in transition.  Made some tough plays on Day 1.